18 Pics That Will Take Your Mind for a Spin

2 years ago

The angle from where a photo is taken can define the whole picture. The chosen perspective can make certain parts disappear, and it can also make some objects look like they are defying logic. These images often confuse our brains, but it can also be quite fun to figure them out.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 18 examples of such photos, so go ahead and see how fast you can solve these visual puzzles.

1. “Great legs...”

2. Is he biking on a planet with 2 suns?

3. “Oh no, she deflated.”

4. “I told them I took a picture of UFOs.”

5. “The crack on my wife’s windshield looks like an airplane from the front.”

6. “The baby giraffe at the Oklahoma City Zoo”

7. “The reflection of the fireplace makes it look like this car is on fire.”

8. “Got my hair cut today and I noticed something...”

9. The invisible chair leg

10. “My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere.”

  • “For those not seeing it, the cat is sitting on lower ground, on the same plane as the doormat, and sticking its head over the step.” © KZedUK / Reddit

11. A cup of coffee with milk... or a plate covering a cup?

12. “Succulent”

13. “This imported salmon, that is so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears not wrapped at all.”

14. “Roasting my hot dog over an open flame.”

15. “The way this Lay’s chip bag lines up with my buddy’s face.”

16. “That seems like an extremely long cat.”

17. “My wife took this by a river and it totally looked like 4 different pictures.”

18. “This dog looking from behind a door”

Which one took you longer to figure out? Do you also have a bizarre photo that would be fun to analyze? Share your picture with us in the comments section.


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