12 Things That Show a Person Really Takes Care of Themselves Instead of Showing Off

2 years ago

Manicures, hair care, waxing — all of these procedures are believed to be part of self-care. But in reality, perfect looks have very little to do with self-care. Because self-care is about spending less time in public transportation, wearing high-quality goods, and not just beautiful underwear, using wireless headphones, and wearing comfortable sneakers instead of stilettos.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we decided to make a list of things done by those who really value themselves.

1. Taxi

Perhaps no one will question the fact that traveling by public transportation is slower and less comfortable than traveling in a car. However, even if you have your own car, sometimes a taxi can be a more profitable and comfortable option. For example, if you need to go to the city center where you may have problems with parking, or you are just heading to an unfamiliar place, a taxi will be a better alternative to a car.

2. Expensive shoes

Shoes must be comfortable, otherwise your quality of life will become lower. And this is not only about your tired feet and calluses. The problem is that the wrong position of the foot makes the body distribute the load in a way to help you maintain your balance. As a result, a person may experience problems with the joints and spine. On the other hand, expensive shoes or boots, as a rule, are made of high-quality materials and take into account the anatomical features of feet. They are designed to make us feel as comfortable as possible.

In addition, many people often pay attention to the shoes when meeting a person for the first time. So, by spending a little more money, you can make the impression of a more successful person.

3. Electric toothbrush or oral irrigator

To reduce the number of visits to the dentist, you need to take care of your teeth. A quality electric toothbrush or oral irrigator will help you out with this. A toothbrush will help you clean your teeth as thoroughly as possible: if using a conventional toothbrush you can make a maximum of 200 rotations per minute, then the speed of an electric one is several thousand rotations per minute. And an oral irrigator will be useful for those who want to get rid of plaque at home, as this device, using a powerful water jet, will remove all food debris and also massage your gums.

4. Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a great way to save not only time and nerves, but also money. An average dishwasher can use as little as 3 gallons per load while cleaning the same amount of dishes in a sink may use 27 gallons of water. Nowadays, when a water meter is installed almost in every home, this difference will be quite noticeable. Besides, a dishwasher will clean your dishes much better and even disinfect them if you choose to clean them with hot water. This is especially true for families with small children.

5. Online language courses

New skills and self-development is always good for you. Today there are many tutorials that help people learn new languages easily and quickly. However, self-study is not always better than online courses with a teacher. After all, language learning needs to be systematic for better results, meaning that you can’t study languages when you find it convenient for you.

In addition, a teacher will always be able to create an individual program based on your personal goals, point out your mistakes in pronunciation and reinforce the studied material in dialogues.

6. Capsule coffee machine

A capsule coffee machine is a great choice for those who value their time. Compared to other methods of coffee making, this option is the fastest. You will no longer waste time on washing the coffee pot and everything else. You will only need to turn on the machine, add water, and drop the capsule — and that’s it, your delicious coffee is ready. And taking into account the fact that a capsule coffee machine is usually quite compact, it won’t take much space in your kitchen.

7. Baby chaise lounge

Nowadays, there are a lot of devices that make moms and dads’ life easier. Yes, some of them are quite expensive but they are worth the money spent. For example, a baby chaise lounge with an adjustable seat can give parents a so much need break. You no longer have to constantly rock the baby in your arms, just turn on the vibration function in the chaise lounge.

You can also safely transport the baby in it without having a child car seat. And finally, a high-quality chaise lounge can ensure the safety of the baby while the parents are busy with something else.

8. Orthopedic mattress

Sound sleep is the key to health and well-being, so it’s very important to take care of your comfort during sleep. An uncomfortable and poor-quality mattress can cause a lot of problems. First of all, it can worsen the quality of sleep. As a result, you don’t get enough sleep, get tired faster, and it becomes more difficult for you to concentrate. However, in the long run, a bad mattress can cause problems with your spine.

9. Weighted blanket

Another thing important for sound sleep is a blanket. Usually we don’t tend to spend as much time on choosing a blanket as on a mattress. But it’s wrong. After all, a good blanket will help you cope with anxiety and insomnia. A weighted blanket, for example, will contribute to sound sleep. These blankets, unlike regular ones, are filled with plastic granules, glass beads, buckwheat husks, or Himalayan salt. Thanks to deep pressure stimulation, this blanket helps the body relax.

10. Expensive tights

Probably every woman happened to rip her tights at the worst possible time. Nowadays, you can buy unrippable tights made from a nylon-based fabric blend. These tights can’t be ripped even if you try hard, and long finger nails and furniture can’t damage them.

They are also not glossy like cheap tights, and are invisible on the leg.

We are sure that you also have an idea of what self-care really means. Tell us about it in the comments below. We, as well as our readers, love to read about different useful things.


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