25 People That Got a Makeover and Are Now Ready to Go Out and Take Over the World

2 years ago

There are those who keep happy, dear, and unforgettable moments from the past in their memories. For others, that past is a stage that can be improved upon, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. While many of these people do not have the best memories of their appearance from that time, some of them cannot deny that life rewarded them later on. And the fact is that the years really are capable of working miracles with many people, and if not, let those who have experienced the saga of “The Ugly Duckling” in the flesh tell their story.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered several photos of people who’ve proved that their former physique is buried in the past, because now, with much more self-confidence, they are ready to conquer the world.

1. “What 10 years of makeup, self-esteem, and effort can do to 2 ugly twins.”

“If you think I’m ugly, wait till you see my identical twin.”

2. “20 vs 30 — Lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of tattoos. Grew a beard and quite the mane.”

3. “14 to 19, a freshman in high school to college. After drawing strength and a strong personality from more than 8 years of bullying about my height, weight, and, well, everything. Take care guys, you deserve to love yourself! ❤”

4. “29 to 32. Lost some weight, got some dental work done, and started playing around with makeup. Also, ditched hair entirely lol.”

5. “16-21: Stopped being vegan, balanced my hormones, got a better skin routine, learned a lot of self-love, and wasn’t so hard on myself 💓”

6. “17>23 , Grateful for puberty and the gym”

7. “Before and after”

8. “16 on the left vs 29 on the right. I had really bad skin in high school and struggled with it even into my 20s. Sometimes it felt like my face would never get better, but here we are! :)”

9. “This is a selfie the only time I ever went to a dance. I decided to recreate the original pose! 17/22”

10. “11 vs 21. glad I found my confidence over those 10 years.”

11. “17, now 22 😌 I’m very proud.”

12. “13 vs 20, proof parents shouldn’t let their kids pick their own clothes...”

13. “23 vs 31 — Basically stopped boozing, stopped bleaching my hair, and let my brows grow in. Also sunscreen.”

14. “12 to 22, from Mona Lisa to a guy”

15. “2014-2020. Ooooo lil’ baby thought she was cute! Thank god for a new decade.”

16. “12 to 14 — needless to say, puberty hit me hard.”

17. “Age 10 — 18! Thank god for braces! (My teeth are straight now, I swear.)”

18. “Same backyard, same camera, but a genuine smile. 12 to 21.”

19. “Me when I was 14 to now at 25!”

20. “16-22 years old”

21. “17 to 23. Thank god I don’t cut my own bangs anymore.”

22. “6-23, also yes my mom bleached my hair as a kid, ahaha”

23. “Me in 7th grade (about 12/13) and earlier this year at 31.”

24. “From awkward, insecure 14-year-old to a happy, healthy 24-year-old.”

25. “From age 15 to 25. I have a jawline now.”

What has been the biggest transformation you have experienced? How did your life change afterward?

Preview photo credit thebusdowntown / Reddit


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