15+ Photos That Prove Nature Loves Being Creative

2 years ago

cat’s toe that looks like a human nose, a frozen windshield resembling a majestic Nordic landscape, or an egg that has two shells — some things in nature are so mesmerizing. It’s as if it actually decided to have a little fun and surprise us with its creations.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have compiled some of the most mind-blowing ones right here.

“I inherited this small gap between my middle finger and ring finger from my dad. Both hands are like this.”

“My dog has an incredibly long tongue.”

Our tomato looks like a duck.

“The way my windshield froze”

“My cat’s toe bean looks like a nose.”

A potato shaped like a heart with arteries

Double-shelled egg

“This tulip with a perfectly halved color scheme”

“This reflection of the sun off my curved metal faucet”

“Rainbow dividing the sky”

The way these dewdrops form on these strawberry leaves.

“A Fairy Ring grew in my yard.”

“Sometimes, one of my chickens lays a wrinkly egg.”

“This snowflake-shaped sand that formed on my car after a sandstorm”

“These crazy clouds over Seattle this morning”

I unintentionally left beets to overwinter in the garden (chicken for scale).

“I was born without finger or toe prints.”

Do you have any pictures of nature messing with you? If so, would you like to share them with the rest of us?

Preview photo credit coldchili17 / Reddit


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