7 Job Interview Scenarios When Candidates Would Never Suspect They’re Being Tested

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Today, many of us have learned how to make decent resumes thanks to the available online instructions. And employers now have to make up new tricks to thoroughly check out each candidate.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything were surprised to find out that even an offer to have some coffee at a job interview can hide a test that will decide someone’s future professional career.

1. It’s not for nothing that you are offered a cup of coffee.

The coffee cup test, where the boss takes the potential employee to the kitchen and offers them coffee, has been getting quite popular recently. After the interview, the employer watches what the candidate will do with this cup very carefully — whether they will ask where to put it, leave it on the table, or wash it themselves.

The boss of accounting software firm Xero Australia, Trent Innes, who developed this method, says this trick speaks a lot about a person’s character and their manners more than their answers to your questions. It can also show how fast the candidate will fit into the team. In this case, the best decision is to go to the kitchen after the interview and wash the cup yourself.

2. The boss intentionally makes you wait for a long time.

The coffee cup test is quite a harmless technique. It could be much harder when a candidate arrives at their interview appointment at 9 AM, and then it will turn out that the employer is busy and the candidate will have to wait for 10 minutes. And then 10 minutes more, and then 15 minutes more, etc.

This trick can show how emotionally stable that candidate is during stressful situations and how much they want the position, in general.

3. The interviewer suddenly starts to shout.

Raising one’s voice, starting to shout, and even throwing out insults are other ways to model a stressful situation and check to see how stable a candidate is. Experts advise you to remain calm and answer questions as calmly as possible.

4. They check your preparedness for the interview.

When the candidate agrees with everything and doesn’t ask anything, it becomes boring. Sometimes the employer intentionally gives you hard-to-understand information and waits for your reaction. If you are well-prepared for the meeting with the employer, and if you studied their sphere of work, then a couple of clarifying questions from you will demonstrate your competency and add more to your score.

5. The potential employer calls you for a personal conversation

Even if you are feeling the interest and kindness of the interviewer, stay away from the details about their personal life. The employer is checking to see whether you are ready to dive into work fully or if you prefer to spend time over a cup of coffee, sharing the details of your marriage with your colleagues.

6. The candidate is introduced to the team

It’s quite possible that after the interview, the potential boss will offer the candidate a chance to communicate with their potential colleagues. This can happen in the office, outside the office, or in some particular situation. It’s not just a gesture of politeness — this is how the employer wants to hear colleagues’ feedback on the candidate.

7. The boss intentionally drops a pen on the floor.

This is another test that can help an employer spot responsive and committed candidates. The boss intentionally drops a pen on the floor to check the reaction of the candidate. If the latter instinctively bends and picks it up, it’s likely that they will be offered the job. If they let the employer pick up the pen themselves, it’s likely that the candidate won’t be approved or offered the position.

What tests at job interviews have you had to face?

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