9 Rules of Behavior on the Beach We Should Always Remember

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Visiting a beach on a sunny day and enjoying your time there might seem like an easy task. However, just like in any other public place, there are some rules and regulations to abide by as not to disturb other people’s time there.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything made a list of rules that we should remember when getting ready to visit the beach.

1. Leave your jewelry at home.

It’s best to limit yourself to headwear and sunglasses despite the temptation to enhance your beach look with accessories. Earrings, bracelets, and pendants can get easily lost in the water. Moreover, sand can damage some types of jewelry. And, last but not least, who wants to get a tan with traces of a necklace around their neck?

2. Don’t use a lot of makeup.

The beach is not a place where you can show off your makeup skills. A bit of concealer or lipgloss will be enough. Also, be sure to use sunscreen. When getting ready to go to the beach, it’s best not to use perfume. You should in no way apply it to the skin because it can provoke the appearance of pigmentation under the influence of sunlight. In addition, the aroma of perfume may be unpleasant to others.

3. Don’t take food with you.

Etiquette experts advise not arranging a feast on the beach. They ask for you to not bring containers with numerous dishes and limit yourself to only water and food for children. Most of the beaches now have excellent infrastructures and if hunger strikes, you can always go to the nearest cafe to eat something freshly prepared instead of a sandwich that’s been lying in the sun for a while.

And, of course, one shouldn’t leave ice cream or chocolate wrappers, watermelon leftovers, berry seeds, or empty bottles behind. Everything should be placed into a bag and dropped in a trash bin.

4. Don’t feed seagulls.

Any seashore is full of seagulls flying over it, hoping to get a bite of something tasty from the human visitors. However, it’s strictly not recommended to feed seagulls. This is bad for the birds themselves, as they need to have their own source of food and not rely on human hamburgers and fries. In addition, there have been cases of tamed gulls swooping straight into people and taking food from their hands. So feeding seagulls is not at all a cute activity, but rather, a dangerous one for both people and the birds themselves.

5. Keep the public displays of affection minimal.

One should avoid public displays of affection, like kissing or hugging, in public places. Such behavior on the beach is considered inappropriate and can easily ruin the time for others, making them feel uncomfortable.

6. Fill in any holes you’ve dug in the sand.

Sandcastles and creative moats around them are wonderful, indeed. Shallow ponds for kids to play in are nice too. All these activities help you enjoy your time at the beach. However, in order to not spoil someone’s vacation with a sprained ankle, make sure to fill in any holes in the sand before leaving the beach.

7. Change clothes in special cabins instead of hiding behind a towel.

Sometimes lines to dressing cabins become too long and the option of changing out of a wet swimsuit faster might push you to use the alternative — hiding behind a towel. However, this is a sign of bad manners. One should change clothes only in designated places, and kids should be taught to do so from an early age.

8. Get tanned in advance.

This refers mainly to people with fair skin. In order to not look too fair on the beach, you can have several tanning sessions before going to the beach. It will be useful for your skin too because a long stay under the sun without special preparation might be stressful for it.

9. Don’t make noise and don’t listen to loud music.

Many people come to the beach to relax, enjoy the sounds of the water, and even take a nap while sunbathing. Therefore, long, loud telephone conversations in such an environment are inappropriate and can cause discomfort and discontent among others. The same applies to music — it’s better not to turn it on loudly, but to limit yourself to headphones if possible.

As it turns out, going to the beach the right way is like a delicate dance! There are so many things to keep in mind in order not to look like a person with bad manners. But these rules are definitely worth abiding by because if everyone does, the seashore will become a true paradise. Do you like to get some rest lying on the sand or are you a fan of active rest? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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