15 Pictures That Deceived Our Eyes Completely

year ago

Our eyes are simply fascinating; a healthy human eye can distinguish around a million different colors. Some scientists are sure that the number is even higher. And yet our vision and perception are far from being ideal. To prove this point, we have 15 pics that can confuse our eyes right here.

1. “These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean.”

2. A cat swimming on a carpet

3. “I thought a naked mannequin was sitting between them.”

4. “Newly launched cat version, 2 of them share one head.”

5. “Smile by pomegranate”

6. “No, this is not cannibalism.”

7. A cute little hair bun

8. 2 colors in one, a good hybrid

9. A human kid with a doll’s face

10. “Cat? What cat?”

11. 2 cat bodies, 1 head

12. “My friend looks like he came out of a horror game.”

13. “Doggo.exe has stopped working.”

14. “This chicken has a few extra feet.”

15. “A giant apologizing to a small person”


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