A Plus-Size Woman Wins Miss Alabama, Sparking Heated Controversy Online

3 weeks ago

Sara Milliken reached a significant milestone by winning the top prize in the National American Miss pageant, bringing pride to herself and her supporters. However, her celebration was quickly marred by a wave of online harassment targeting her appearance.

After winning the Miss Alabama contest, Milliken faced harsh criticism from online trolls who called her an “unhealthy embarrassment.” Despite these hurtful comments, Milliken remains determined to advocate for positivity and body acceptance.

“Even something that you type over a screen can have a lasting impression on people,” Milliken revealed. “Even though I’m not at that point, it can lead people to do some very dark things to themselves.”

Amid the cruel comments were remarks questioning her suitability for a beauty pageant and unfavorable comparisons to fast food chain mascots. Despite this negativity, Milliken’s supporters have rallied behind her, celebrating her character and beauty. One fan commented, “You are so beautiful inside and out, and anyone with any values and/or humanity can see that from miles away.” Others echoed this sentiment, commending her achievements and positive influence.

Determined not to let the harsh criticism deter her, Milliken is preparing for the national finals in Florida over Thanksgiving. “I’ll be honest, it got to me for about five minutes,” she admitted. “Their words can hurt, even if it is online. I’ve always wanted to spread positivity, and this kind of put me in a position to do exactly that.”

Milliken’s victory followed three attempts at the contest, which aims to foster a “positive self-image by enhancing natural beauty within.” Over Memorial Day Weekend, she excelled in various interviews, volunteer work, and presentations, earning high marks for her personality, confidence, and communication skills.

The contest organizers emphasize celebrating diverse appearances, stating, “Braces, glasses, skin problems, varying heights, weights, and appearances, are all a part of creating the special and unique individual that you are and that we want to celebrate.”

Initially shocked by the response to her win, Milliken has since received an outpouring of support, gaining thousands of new social media followers overnight. Her inbox has been flooded with offers of dresses and beauty products for the next round of the competition.

“No matter what your body looks like or where you come from, you can do anything you set your mind to,” Milliken notes. “Meeting so many amazing and accomplished women was definitely the best part.”

Despite overcoming the negativity, Milliken emphasizes the significance of kindness, recognizing that not everyone can easily brush off hurtful comments. Her experience underscores the importance of greater awareness and empathy for victims of online trolls, as she remains dedicated to advocating for body positivity and self-acceptance.


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