A Woman Taught Her Insolent Sister-in-Law a Valuable Lesson, and People Are Delighted With Her Ingenuity

8 months ago

The topic of finances is very personal and can be challenging to discuss even with close people. Sometimes, this leads to situations where an audacious relative intrudes into another family’s life and takes advantage of their generosity. That’s precisely what happened to our protagonist today. However, she found an original way to teach her sister-in-law a lesson.

My sister-in-law “Amy” always comes to visit from out of town. She stays with us instead of in a hotel and always wants to go to expensive restaurants. She always conveniently forgets her wallet or comes up with some excuses as to why she can’t pay her share. She has implied that since I make much more money than her, I should be the one to pay (no, my husband is not the one who should pay, but me specifically).

I do make a fair amount of money but not that much that I can treat someone every time they come into town. Nonetheless, in the past, I have just paid the bill and asked her to pay me back. She never has. She made a reservation at an extremely expensive restaurant last night, and before we left, I made it clear that I wouldn’t be paying her bill.

This is where people might say I was wrong, and I’ll admit I got this move straight from an episode of Two and a Half Men. As we were leaving, she and my husband went to the car. I pretended I had forgotten something and went back inside. I found her wallet sitting right on top of her suitcase. I put it in my purse and we went to the restaurant.

When we were done eating, I asked for separate bills. She said no, we need one bill because she “forgot” her wallet again. I reached into my purse and said, “This wallet?” You should have seen her face. She was extremely furious. She said that I should not have touched or grabbed her wallet. So, was I wrong?

The woman’s story sparked a strong reaction, and thousands of users leaving their comments. Most people supported the post’s author and were even surprised at how she tolerated her sister-in-law’s rude behavior for so long:

  • You totally should have flipped the switch- left your wallet at home- only brought your licence so she had to cover the whole bill then never taken her out to a restaurant again. © jizzy_lizzie / Reddit
  • I love it! She will think twice before booking another expensive table. She might even think twice before inviting herself over to your house again. In case there will be a next time. She might do better at hiding the wallet so just be totally obnoxious about it and keep asking her if she has her wallet. Getting ready — don’t forget your wallet! Putting on shoes — have your wallet on you? In the car — can I see your wallet? She will never eat another meal with you. © Lastwespoke / Reddit
  • Usually, I’m against people touching others’ property, but in this case, well done. Be aware that next time she will be hiding her wallet, but maybe just refuse to go out to dinner if she didn’t bring her wallet/card. Let her know if she doesn’t pay she will not be going out with you and your husband and make it clear that your hospitality is a courtesy, not an obligation. She’s very welcome to stay in a hotel next time if she doesn’t abide by the rules and respects you. Your husband’s family might start harassing you after you establish the rules, so might be worth having a dialogue with your husband and having him be “the bad cop”. © Iataaddicted25 / Reddit

But some people advised the author to focus not on the sister-in-law but on the husband. They believed that the husband should have stood up for his wife:

  • Your husband needs to grow up and put his bratty entitled mooching sister in her place already. The fact that you were pushed to go to the extent of standing up to her with no support, moral, verbal of other, from your husband is ridiculous. Maybe the relationship with your sister in law, is not the one you need to look into, it might be your marriage that needs a good looking at. Not once in your entire story did he defend you or support and validate your feelings and concerns when it came to his sister. © Teresa Leyva-Alderete / Beightside
  • Stop going out to eat with her. Just stop. What’s wrong with your husband that he allows his sister to take advantage of his wife? This is your real problem. © Littleballoffur22 / Reddit
  • Why do you and your husband still allow her to stay with you or choose expensive restaurants or even go out with her? I think you need to talk to your husband about this behaviour. I am very curious as to why he hasn’t stepped in and shut this down and wonder if he is the one encouraging her to do this behind your back. © SamGamgE / Reddit

Thousands of people read the story, including that very Amy. The author of the post shared her reaction, “Amy just called me, she saw this post and she yelled at me for ‘badmouthing’ her on the internet. Honestly I don’t care. Amy, hopefully reading all these comments is a wake up call for you.”

Discussing financial matters with relatives can be a complex matter. In this story, the author managed to resolve the situation, but another woman faced an even more challenging situation: her mother-in-law wants to be paid for babysitting her grandchild.


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