“Let’s Keep It Real,” Vera Wang, 74, Stuns in Rare Swimsuit Photos, but People Are Pointing Out the Same Detail

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Vera Wang, celebrated for her elegant red-carpet gowns, consistently makes headlines with her impeccable fashion choices, even in swimwear. At 74, the renowned bridal designer recently heralded the unofficial start of summer with a striking Instagram post, showcasing her chic bathing suit and embodying the essence of Hamptons glamour.

Vera Wang recently shared a series of outfit-of-the-day photos on Instagram, showcasing a white square-neck one-piece swimsuit with delicate spaghetti straps. Her look exuded glamour, complemented by statement drop earrings that elegantly reached her collarbones, a sparkling cuff bracelet, and bejeweled sandals that added a touch of sparkle from head to toe.

Finishing off her look were oversized sunglasses from her own Vera Wang Eyewear collection, amplifying the overall glam factor. Her signature black hair was styled straight down, enhancing her sleek and sophisticated appearance.

In the comments section, Sharon Stone, renowned for her stylish swimsuit moments, joined the chorus of admirers with a heart-eyes emoji, lauding Wang’s captivating appearance. However, the predominant theme among comments revolved around one question: how she can look so young at 74. One commenter marveled, “HOW is it possible you look like this,” while another playfully noted, “You’re aging backward sis!”

At the same time, many commentators criticized the celebrity for overusing photo retouching. One user expressed, “The power of filters. How can you believe that a 75-year-old woman looks like this?” Another chimed in, “Filters and Photoshop. Let’s keep it real.”

Wang’s social media presence remains captivating, effortlessly challenging age and societal norms. Her recent swimsuit post reflects sentiments she shared in a 2023 interview, where she addressed the public’s reaction to her age-defying appearance.

In response to comments on a photo of herself in an abs-baring sports bra, Wang remarked, “I guess it’s just that people have an idea of what 70 looks like today. I have so many friends that are 65 to 70 that look fabulous. But I have to say that hopefully, it’s a good thing. I hope it makes women feel more comfortable with themselves.”

On the other hand, Demi Moore’s bikini photo has drawn a lot more criticism, with some asserting that “older women shouldn’t wear bikinis” at all.

Preview photo credit verawang / Instagram


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