A Woman Undergoes Over 43 Procedures to Resemble Barbie, Yet People Label Her a «Zombie»

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Dalia Naeem, a 30-year-old resident of Baghdad, has invested considerable resources into a striking metamorphosis aimed at emulating the renowned Barbie doll. Her captivating makeover, featuring blonde locks and a sophisticated fashion sense, has earned her the moniker «Iraqi Barbie.» Intrigued by Dalia’s approach to newfound celebrity and her ability to address inevitable critiques, we delved deeper into her path and the unwavering resolve propelling her toward her aspirations.

People were left astounded when they saw her transformed look.

Dalia Naeem, aged 30, harbored a lifelong aspiration to emulate the iconic doll figure. It is rumored that she has undergone 43 cosmetic procedures in her quest to replicate Barbie’s appearance. Dalia, who works as a presenter and actress in her native Iraq, regularly updates her Instagram followers with snapshots showcasing her latest enhancements.

Boasting an Instagram following surpassing 1,000,000, Dalia has captured widespread fascination for the remarkable evolution she has undergone throughout her transformation journey. Contrasting her present appearance with her former self, one might find it difficult to reconcile the two personas.

Dalia consistently extends her appreciation to those instrumental in realizing her desired aesthetic. She openly lauds her skilled beautician, expressing gratitude with the words, «Your make-up is Barbie,» recognizing their pivotal contribution.

She devoted considerable effort to reach her goal.

Dalia’s cosmetic procedures encompass lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery, bringing her closer to her aspiration of resembling Barbie. However, public opinion regarding her extensive self-improvement efforts remains divided. Not everyone is convinced about her transformed appearance.

Dalia’s distinctive odyssey has drawn criticism from certain followers, labeling her as a «zombie.» Yet, amidst the critique, she also receives significant backing from individuals who applaud her independence and commitment to her dreams. In the comments section, men affectionately liken her to «a beautiful rose,» while others openly express admiration for her striking transformation.

Despite encountering negative opinions, Dalia remains steadfast in the face of criticism. Unable to undergo further surgeries in Australia, she is actively seeking reputable international clinics to continue assisting her in achieving her desired appearance and nurturing her happiness along the journey towards her dream.

Dalia isn’t alone in drawing inspiration from Barbie’s image for significant changes in appearance. In our other article, we covered the story of a woman who invested millions to mirror the iconic doll’s look.


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