A Woman Who Claims Shaving and Showering Are a «Waste of Time» Sparks Heated Controversy

4 months ago

While methods for body hair removal remain popular, more women are choosing to abandon razors and embrace their natural bodies. A TikToker known as Hairy Cherry has joined this movement, completely discarding the razor and embracing her natural self. She also openly admitted to not showering daily, deeming the activity pointless.

A woman shared surprising confessions on TikTok.

Cherry, a TikTok creator from the United States, recognized by the username Hairy Cherry, has gained a significant audience of over 10,000 followers across various social media platforms. She boldly features her body hair in multiple videos, proudly expressing her self-acceptance. Additionally, the influencer has made surprising admissions about her daily life.

She believes that shaving and showering are often time-wasting activities.

Responding to inquiries about her choice not to shave, Cherry’s latest video showcased her lip-syncing to an audio clip stating, «Absolute waste of time, so boring!» The accompanying caption humorously questioned the need for daily showers, suggesting, «Who has all the time for an everything shower every day?» Embracing her decision not to shower daily, she encouraged her followers to conserve water and embrace their natural hair.

In another video, she candidly addressed comments about her choice to keep her body hair, stating, «I’m a hairy girl. Of course, people are gonna ask if I shower.» She further remarked, «I’m a hairy girl. Of course, everyone assumes that I smell bad.»

Not everyone was on board with the woman’s lifestyle.

Some commenters on her videos applauded Cherry for her confidence in embracing her natural body, while not everyone was won over. Supporters wrote comments like, «Body hair is normal for girls and guys, why is this such a big deal?» and «Wish I had the confidence to do this.»

However, some other netizens expressed negative opinions, stating that Cherry’s body hair looked «disgusting» or «unkempt.» Despite the differing views, Cherry remains focused on what truly matters — feeling good in her body, whether shaved or unshaved.

Cherry is not alone in her belief that shaving is not a prerequisite for enjoying oneself at the beach. Last year, two other women stirred up controversy when they proclaimed that «you don’t have to be hairless to wear a bikini.»


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