Amy Schumer Looks Unrecognizable and People Have Started To Worry About Her Health

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Amy Schumer is promoting the second season of Life & Beth and making appearances on TV shows. However, it’s not the teasers that have caught people’s attention. The entire internet is buzzing about the changes in the actress’s face. Many even expressed concerns about her health. After a barrage of comments, Amy herself explained what happened to her face and health.

Fans speculate about “moon face”.

Amy Schumer’s recent appearances on The Tonight Show and Good Morning America to promote the new season of Life & Beth have sparked comments about her face appearing “puffier.”

Fans’ speculation revolves around a condition known as “moon face,” which can occur due to factors like weight gain or fluid retention. Despite the attention on her appearance, Schumer remains upbeat, appreciating the engagement and discussion around her looks, which she’s been subject to for nearly two decades in the public eye.

In a viral tweet, a person urged doctors to comment on what they think about Amy’s health, “Serious question, what happened to Amy’s face? Is it normally this size?” Many experts chimed in and spoke on the matter. “Honestly it looks like what is referred to as ’moon face’”, one wrote. “That’s a steroid to treat illness. Let’s be kind and mind our own business,” tweeted one. “Looks like prednisone. I’ve had moon face from prednisone. It’s pretty awful to experience,” added another.

Amy responded to the comments about her.

Schumer, 42, took the comments in stride, addressing them with honesty and humor. She thanked everyone for their feedback, acknowledging that her face does look puffier than usual. Her response shows her resilience and ability to handle criticism with grace.

“...thank you so much for everyone’s input about my face! I’ve enjoyed feedback and deliberation about my appearance, as all women do for almost 20 years. And you’re right, it is puffier than normal right now. I have endometriosis, an autoimmune disease that every woman should read about. There are some medical and hormonal things going on in my world right now, but I’m okay. ”

In 2021, Amy first revealed her diagnosis in a video on Instagram, stating that she underwent a hysterectomy and an appendectomy for the treatment of her condition. The surgeries helped her feel like a “new person.”

Previously, Amy had mentioned struggling with “quite intense pain,” referring to endometriosis as the “loneliness disease.” Now, the comedian says that “sometimes I feel damn confident and good, and sometimes I want to put a bag over my head.” However, she would prefer fans to focus on “this show that I created. Wrote. Starred in. Directed.”

Amy Schumer isn’t the only celebrity whose appearance has undergone significant changes recently. For instance, Jim Carrey’s recent appearance also left fans bewildered — the actor looked unrecognizable.


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