An Artist Imagines What Disney Characters Would Look Like If They Lived in Our World

2 years ago

Disney princesses, princes, villains, and not-so-villains have captivated several generations. That is why it is not strange that some movie fans are inspired by them when it comes to making their own versions, like Darky Artist. He let his imagination run wild and created realistic portraits of the main characters of the most famous animated films.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything loved the work of this artist, who managed to turn nostalgia into a fascinating and fun project. Take a look for yourself and tell us which of the characters you would have liked to have met in the real world.

1. Although we love the result, it would also have been great to see Mulan disguised as a man.

2. Shang is a man of action.

3. Anna continues to maintain her cute freckles and cheerful smile.

4. With this appearance, we do not understand how Anna did not fall in love at first sight with Kristoff.

5. Elsa about to sing “Let It Go.”

6. Many would like to fly on the magic carpet with Aladdin.

7. Jasmin looks beautiful and full of character, like a princess.

8. Pocahontas continues to maintain her seriousness and deep gaze.

9. John Smith is no slouch, looking serious and thoughtful.

10. Not even a touch of realism can hide Merida’s adventurous spirit

11. She doesn’t look like a Cinderella who is willing to take orders.

12. No matter how you look at it, Peter Pan looks like a child about to get into mischief.

13. Tinkerbell is still beautiful and adorable at the same time.

14. Even in her realistic version, the name “Bella” still fits her.

15. Tarzan, the king of the jungle... and of our hearts.

16. With those eyes, Princess Aurora should never close them, not even to sleep.

17. Will Rapunzel’s hair also shine when she sings?

18. Princess Aurora woke up with a kiss and married Prince Philip; for the rest of humanity, this only happens while we are still asleep, in our dreams.

19. The Evil Queen thinking about giving Snow White an apple

20. There is no need to resort to a mirror, Snow White is undoubtedly the most beautiful.

21. Will this realistic version of Ariel also comb her hair with a fork?

22. Moana can win the heart of the sea and ours with just a smile.

23. Looking at it this way, we now understand why Prince Naveen was such a heart-throb in the movie.

24. Undoubtedly, Tiana’s beauty could conquer the heart of any prince, and even of the toads.

If you could have coffee or go to the movies with any of the Disney movie stars, who would it be?


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