Baby Was Born With a Rare Mark on Her Face and Her Mom Insists on Showing Her How Unique She Is

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Winry is a 13-month-old baby born with a mark covering a big part of her face. Her mother, Nicole Lucas Hall, celebrates every day what a beautiful little girl she is. In addition, Nicole strives for her daughter to grow up to be as confident and joyful as she is now.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we love to share this kind of inspiring story. Therefore, we invite you to read how this mom, through social media, spreads her baby’s experience and encourages more parents to teach their children to accept diversity.

At first, Winry’s parents were very concerned.

When they first saw their daughter, Nicole said they were initially confused and worried about their daughter’s health, as neither of them had ever seen such a birthmark.

They thought it was something dangerous, but the doctors reassured them. Winry was born with rare congenital melanocytic nevi, which it’s estimated 1 in 50,000 babies have. The birthmark is purely cosmetic, meaning that it poses no health risks.

After a massive sigh of relief, Nicole said they could finally relax and enjoy Winry’s arrival. Today, Nicole and her husband want their daughter to be healthy and confident.

Every day they have to deal with criticism from people.

Unfortunately, since Nicole started sharing her daughter’s story on social media, she has received a lot of hostile comments and criticism. That also carries over into her day-to-day life when people stare at Winry or look down on her.

However, Nicole handled the situation quite calmly. She told us that both she and her husband always try to keep their responses to criticism on social media informative since almost all negative comments are the product of ignorance. To rude and hateful, they just respond with humor.

Other than that, they have been overwhelmed by the compassion of those who have learned of Winry’s condition.

Her brother is her protector.

Every little sister wants a big brother to care for and protect her. And Winry is lucky enough to have a genuine, helpful, and sweet brother like Asher. According to Nicole, he is unaware of something “different” about Winry. He knows he has a birthmark on his face, but to him, that’s the same as having a different eye color.

Asher, like any other boy his age, sometimes gets jealous of having to share his mom, but beyond that, Nicole is sure that, when he grows up, he will become Winry’s best friend and protector.

They are educating Winry to become a confident woman.

Every day, Nicole and her husband do their best to protect and nurture Winry and her brother to feel confident in their strengths and attributes. While it is important to them to monitor Winry’s health regularly, they are also concerned about how others perceive and feel about her.

Nicole told us that one of their top priorities in life is teaching their daughter to appreciate things like kindness. They are raising her to become a warrior and always be confident in herself and her beauty in hopes that she will grow up as joyful as she is now.

If there’s one thing this fantastic mother knows for sure, it’s that they will always try to make sure her daughter is surrounded by people who treat her with kindness and respect. Winry will always be safe in the arms of her family, and that’s what matters most.

Their mission in social media

Nicole wants to use social media to raise awareness of this condition. Her main goal is to educate the public while encouraging parents to teach their children to embrace diversity.

As Nicole said, Winry was the first person in her family to have this birthmark. Many families can identify with and benefit from Winry’s story despite her rarity.

Nicole and her husband will do anything to ensure their daughter’s peaceful life. So they have set out to normalize and inform others about birthmarks. When they imagine the time when Winry has to go somewhere, meet new people, and have to answer question after question about her appearance, they want things to be different for her and other children like Winry.

What do you think of Nicole’s mission to raise awareness about her daughter and others with birthmarks?


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