15 Times a Perfect Fit Happened, and It Was Incredibly Satisfying

2 years ago

cat whose fur pattern lines up flawlessly or a game console that fits in a shelf like a puzzle piece. These findings calm the soul of anyone who loves tidiness and organization. For those who don’t care about being neat, they’re still visually pleasing. It’s a win-win!

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with gifts from the universe that lit up people’s ordinary days.

1. “My ring slid off my finger while opening the cabinet.”

2. “The way my cat’s fur lines up when he’s asleep”

3. “A jet engine part purchased off the internet fits our IKEA table perfectly.”

4. “I’ve had this plate since I was 5. I just realized it’s as if it was made for bagels.”

5. “The way all the veins in the rocks line up”

6. “The way my Xbox One S controller fits into my Beats Solo 2’s in this case”

7. “My friend just bought a house and didn’t think his sectional would fit in the new living room.”

8. “The way my pancake fits on the plate”

9. “Our suitcases in the trunk of our car”

10. “Years of playing Tetris pay off.”

11. “My Wii on my new TV stand”

12. “This comfy lady”

13. “My ex-wife’s car has a fry-hole.”

14. “What’s in the side-view mirror perfectly lines up with the tree-line and snow-line behind the mirror.”

15. “My stroopwafel is a perfect fit for my cup.”

What random thing have you ever found that fits somewhere perfectly? What’s the most visually pleasing photo you’ve ever taken?

Preview photo credit anonymousmouse2 / Reddit


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