Bradley Cooper Confesses Daughter Invades His Privacy on the Toilet, Reveals Struggles with Loving Her

3 months ago

Bradley Cooper is opening up about his personal life. In a recent interview, the renowned actor discussed his close bond with his 6-year-old daughter, revealing some details that surprised many. Among them was the revelation that they sometimes share the bathroom at the same time, raising a few eyebrows.

Dax and Bradley talked about their lives as fathers.

In the realm of parenting, each family boasts its distinct dynamics and idiosyncrasies. On Dax Shepherd’s widely followed podcast, he and Bradley engaged in a candid yet amusing dialogue about their individual experiences with fatherhood. Their exchange offered a glimpse into their personal lives, sparking a buzz across the internet.

Dax, the actor and husband of Kristen Bell, revealed a humorous detail from his home life. He recounted how his daughters frequently wander into the bathroom for a chat, sometimes catching him mid-use of the toilet. They would stand a foot away from him, not bothered by the smell, he explained.

Bradley revealed he also experiences the same.

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Bradley Cooper echoed Dax’s anecdotes but with a unique twist tied to his urban lifestyle. He revealed that his New York home doesn’t adhere to traditional room separations; rather, it boasts an open-plan design where the bedroom, bathroom, and living area seamlessly coexist without partitions. Consequently, privacy becomes as open a concept as his floor plan.

His 6-year-old daughter, who resides with him, appears unperturbed by this setup. She frequently engages in conversations with him, showing no aversion to sharing the bathroom. The actor confessed that they often chat while he’s on the toilet, and she’s in the bathtub. Both actors bonded on the fact that they let their daughters watch them poop.

Bradley noted that his upbringing was indeed quite different, but he didn’t mind being naked around his father.

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Shepard brought up an intriguing point about whether our comfort with certain things, like not minding nudity, is something we’re born with or if it’s learned from our environment. He finds it surprising that some people, including kids, are completely okay with it.

The conversation took a turn towards reflection when Bradley contrasted his current open lifestyle with his more conservative upbringing. He mused over the fact that he never witnessed such openness in his own childhood. He noted that he never saw his dad on the toilet until he got sick.

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Shepherd mentioned that his family rarely wears clothes at home.

Shepard, on the contrary, noted that in his household, they adopt a very relaxed approach to nudity. Describing it as «Swedish style,» he explained that being unclothed is commonplace for them. Cooper concurred, sharing a similar experience with his father, who was consistently comfortable with nudity and even shared showers with him. Shepard observed that Cooper appears entirely comfortable with nudity, a sentiment to which Cooper readily assented, affirming his ease with it.

Bradley confessed that initially, he struggled to love his daughter.

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Bradley admitted to his initial uncertainty regarding his feelings for his newborn daughter. He confessed that before the arrival of his daughter with his former partner Irina Shayk in 2017, he struggled to relate to the common parental sentiment of being willing to sacrifice one’s life for their child. He candidly admitted that for the first eight months, he questioned whether he really loved her.

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But he says everything changed when he watched her grow, and he began to cherish the responsibility of caring for her. However, he found himself pondering whether he would risk his life for her if faced with danger. It was only after a sudden shift in his emotions and outlook that he became certain of his willingness to do anything for her.

Another celebrity who stirred controversy with their parenting style is Alicia Silverstone. She admitted to still sharing a bed with her 11-year-old son.

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