“Can’t Believe She’s 14!” Matthew McConaughey’s Daughter Was Criticized for Her Bold Outfit

2 weeks ago

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’ daughter recently became the center of attention. The 14-year-old girl appeared at a fashion show with her mother in matching outfits. However, many considered the girl’s look too daring for her young age.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey’s daughter, Vida, were snapped together in New York City. They attended a Hermès Birkin event on June 6, 2024, both dressed in red and holding hands while being photographed. Camila shared the picture on Instagram with her followers.

Camila chose a stylish leather outfit with a sleeveless crop top and a long skirt, paired with pumps and a matching clutch. Meanwhile, Vida went for a mini skirt and a long-sleeved crop top, complemented by flats. They both wore their hair in curls, flowing over their shoulders.


People quickly shared their opinions on seeing how much Vida had grown over the years, though some felt her outfit was “too much” for her age, despite her being just 14. One commenter criticized Vida’s attire, “The outfit is inappropriate for a 14yr old.” Another was surprised by her age, suggesting that in Hollywood, people often look and dress older than they are.

However, others focused on the family resemblance, noting how Vida resembled her father, Matthew McConaughey, in facial features while inheriting her mother’s complexion and hair: “The daughter looks just like him.”

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/East News

Other comments regarding Vida’s attire included remarks such as “She’s dressed like she is 20” and another user stating, “The dress is not appropriate for the girl’s age.”

A third commenter expressed surprise, saying, “14-year-olds look like they are 20 these days.” Despite differing opinions on her outfit, some followers were more positive, with one noting, “Beauties. Can’t believe she’s 14.”

Matthew McConaughey and Alves’ children have been appearing more frequently in public with their parents. For example, the family of five attended a gala concert in April. At that time, Vida’s appearance did not bother anyone; she was dressed in a long loose dress and looked much younger than in recent photos in a red outfit.

A year earlier, Camila also attended an event with the children. Vida looked much younger there than she does now. But in the teenage years, children change very quickly and mature in just a few months.

Another celebrity outfit that recently came under scrutiny is Christie Brinkley’s vibrant dress. This time, people felt that at 70 years old, wearing clothing with such a high slit might not be appropriate.

Preview photo credit JOE KLAMAR/AFP/EAST NEWS, camilamcconaughey / Instagram


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