Demi Moore Impressed Everyone with 3D Gown, But What Bothered People the Most Was Not Actually Her Outfit

2 weeks ago

The Cannes Film Festival has ended, but the impressions remain fresh. And one of such a bright memory is Demi Moore. All eyes were on her that day as she radiated confidence and beauty on the red carpet. While actress looked undeniably flawless, some people had peculiar comments about her appearance.

Demi attended the premiere of her horror film, The Substance, in a breathtaking Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress that featured a showstopping 3D detail.

Her satin champagne gown showcased a corset bodice and a striking 3D pointed wing extending from the left side of the bust. She completed the look with a stunning choker necklace and drop earrings.

Some people complimented Demi with her dress and even noticed some special details:

Others didn’t miss the opportunity to show your sense of humor:

But surprisingly, some people were buzzed with Demi’s hair, saying, “Her hair is too much.” Another person chimed in, “Yes, agreed. It needs to be put up in a messy bun... not appropriate for her age.”

We admire Demi Moore’s radiant glow and ever-beaming smile. She always stuns on the red carpet, like at the recent Oscar Party.


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