Meg Ryan, 62, Responds to Online Trolls Who Claim She Was “Unrecognizable” After Plastic Surgery

5 months ago

Meg Ryan has responded to critics who have been scrutinizing her appearance and speculating about plastic surgery. In a recent interview, Ryan addressed the headlines surrounding her looks and shared her thoughts on the matter.

Columbia Pitures/AF Archive/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, © What Happens Later / Prowess Pictures and co-producers

During a candid interview, Meg Ryan tackled the media speculation surrounding her appearance, particularly the accusations of a potential botched plastic surgery. While refraining from explicitly confirming or denying any procedures, the 62-year-old actress openly shared her thoughts on the matter.

“I can’t pay attention to it. I just can’t,” she expressed. “It’s not worth it. Of course, that would hurt someone’s feelings, but there are so many more interesting things to think about. Meanness and hatred are just so stupid.”

Fortunately, Ryan has reached a point in her life where she no longer feels the need to please others and confidently embraces her authentic self, even if it entails being brutally honest. “There’s a time in your teens and 20s where you’re trying on personalities to figure out who you are, who to be,” she explained. “With age, you get to a place where you say what you mean without thinking about how it’s going to land. You just say what you want.”

Discussions about Ryan’s appearance gained momentum following the release of stills from her latest movie, “What Happens Later,” which premiered in November 2023. Despite marking her return to the big screen as a romantic lead after 15 years, attention was diverted to her looks.

One fan, expressing a sentiment shared by others, commented on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Great to see Meg Ryan back with her bread and butter, but I wish she didn’t mess with her face.”

While Meg has not openly admitted to undergoing any cosmetic procedures, speculations abound, with some, including celebrity facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk, assuming she may have. Dr. Rizk made headlines with his comment: “I think she had a bad facelift in the wrong direction, sideways, instead of vertical.”

Many celebrities experience the impact of plastic surgeries, either directly or indirectly, and supermodel Linda Evangelista is no exception. Regrettably, her situation takes a more severe turn. According to her, she was left “brutally disfigured” by a cosmetic surgery and has been grappling with the mental and emotional aftermath as she strives to recover.

Preview photo credit Columbia Pitures/AF Archive/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, What Happens Later / Prowess Pictures and co-producers


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