Elliot Page Revealed That He Knew He Should Have Been a Boy Since the Age of Four

7 months ago

Elliot Page’s journey unfolds in his highly-anticipated memoir, “Page Boy.” From as early as four years old, Page knew deep within that he was meant to be born male. In a candid moment at the age of six, Page summoned the courage to ask his mother, “Can I be a boy?”

In “Page Boy,” Page bares their soul, recounting the struggles faced while coming to terms with the true identity. This memoir promises a heartfelt exploration of self-discovery and acceptance.

’I went to the YMCA preschool in downtown Halifax, on South Park Street across from the Public Gardens.’ ’Primarily, I understood that I wasn’t a girl. Not in a conscious sense, but in a pure sense, uncontaminated.’


At the age of six, Page mustered the courage to approach his mother, Martha Philpotts, who worked as a public school teacher, specializing in English and French. He asked her a question that weighed heavily on his heart: “Can I be a boy?” Her response was gentle but firm: ’No hon, you can’t, you’re a girl. But you can do anything a boy can do.’

Elliot Page came out as transgender in December 2020. In the announcement made on Instagram and Twitter, the actor shared that his pronouns are he/they. Currently, Page is one of Hollywood’s most high-profile trans people.

Obviously, Elliot Page’s transformation is a big deal not only to the actor personally but also to the whole industry and trans people everywhere. While not as significant, other celebrities’ changes with time, are also worthy of attention.

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