The Bride Called Me Disrespectful Because I Wanted to Eat My Own Food at Her Wedding

9 months ago

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and some brides take it in stride while others become upset. We received a letter from a girl who brought her own food to her brother’s wedding and ended up ruining the day for the bride.

Hey Helen! We’re glad that you reached out to us. Your situation is challenging, but we believe it can be happily resolved. We found discussions on similar issues and read opinions from different people.

  • Whenever I have to go to my wife’s friend’s and I know I’m not going to like the offering I pickup fast food on the way and eat in the car before we get there. Then i just drink what drink I want and snack on things I like. © Tall-Measurement3795 / Reddit
  • Why didn’t the wedding party be respectful of others food preferences and offer something non vegan. Why are we always supposed to be respectful of theirs but don’t receive the same thing back. © Richard Kraus / Facebook
  • It is disrespectful to bring meat or dairy into a vegan’s home. However, as the main course provided is a known allergen and you do not feel that you can decline to attend, you should feel free to bring your own vegan alternative to the dishes. © FlatSound4435 / Reddit
  • The host should provide the guest with another meal that he’s not allergic to. When other people host, they made a vegan meal for them, I’m sure they are not charged. © HistorySweet9902 / Reddit
  • She asked her brother and he said no problem. I think the bride made it more of a problem than it needed to be. © Jean Swan / Facebook
  • The bride overreacted and she needs to grow up. This is the problem with thinking a wedding is some solo personal showcase rather than a means to marrying someone. She got married; what went down at the ceremony should not lead to her blanking what is family. © Nicola Gordon-Thaxter / Facebook
  • If I was her, I’d eat before the wedding. But also I wouldn’t worry so much about the bride stopped talking to me, because a woman who is so worried about her “perfect wedding day” it’s mean she is more interested in her “day” more than anything, including her husband, I guess that marriage is not going to survive. I know many women that excessively want a perfect day, but the marriage didn’t last. © Beatriz Galvez / Facebook

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