Evil Makeovers: See Your Favorite Disney Princesses as Villains

month ago

We all know and love the Disney princesses for their kindness, grace, and unwavering optimism. But what if their stories took a dark turn? Imagine their familiar castles shrouded in shadows, their sweet smiles replaced by cunning smirks. What would these iconic heroines look like as villains? Our talented illustrators dared to ask that question, and the results are nothing short of epic. Prepare to see your favorite princesses transformed, and scroll down to discover their villainous makeovers!

1. Ariel

2. Snow White

3. Cinderella

4. Belle

5. Rapunzel

6. Jasmine

7. Mulan

8. Moana

9. Elsa

10. Aurora

11. Merida

12. Tiana

13. Anna

14. Esmeralda

Bonus: When celebrities brought the fairy tale to life dressed as Disney princesses.

AFP/EAST NEWS, Walt Disney Productions/Collection Christophel/East News

But what if these villainous princesses walked among us? Check back next time as we see how your favorite Disney characters and villains would look if they were real people!


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