Find Out If You Secretly Like to Be Alone by Taking This Optical Illusion Test

4 months ago

Optical illusions on the internet have become super popular. They’re not just fun to look at but can also tell you interesting stuff about yourself. These viral illusions make you think about yourself in a different way. So, when you see them popping up on social media, take a moment to maybe learn something new about yourself.

What do you see first?

This picture, shared by TikTok creator Mia Yilin, who has over 450,000 followers on the video-sharing app, is said to reveal whether you secretly love being alone.

The optical illusion image a set of red lips, slightly pouting, but right in the center of those lips, there’s an eyeball staring back at you. What you notice first can provide interesting insight into your personality, as revealed by Mia.

Eye or lips?

  • Mia said: “If you first saw the lips, then you are someone who prefers doing things on your own because you like having control over your choices.” Even though you enjoy spending time alone, you also have some relationships, and you prefer to stay down-to-earth and keep things practical and straightforward.
    You’re not really into “cheesy compliments” and they don’t impress you much when someone’s trying to flirt with you. You’re okay with getting feedback, but you prefer it to be given in a kind and gentle way.
  • On the other hand, if you saw the eye first, it suggests that you hide your sad feelings and try to seem happy to the people around you.
    Mia says: “Despite your outward appearance of happiness deep down, you carry a lot of inner turmoil. When it comes to relationships, you greatly prioritize and value your partner’s wishes and hobbies.” But on the other hand, if people betray you or overstep your boundaries, you can easily leave them.

Such illusions are like personality tests on the internet, making us think about how our brains work and what makes us unique. So next time you see a mind-bending image, it’s not just for fun — it’s a little peek into your own personality!

Preview photo credit mia_yilin / TtikTok


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