How to Wear Lingerie in Public Like a Star

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A new and bold trend is emerging in the fashion world, embraced by a select few. Celebrities are deliberately leaving their pants behind to show off stylish ensembles with only their underwear on. Whether they’re wearing panties or briefs, with or without stockings, their confidence in rocking these daring looks is truly admirable. Take a look at their fearless fashion choices and experience their striking performances firsthand.

The «no pants» trend is storming the celeb world.

While some may see it as a fashion statement, the absence of pants on today’s runways has received mixed reactions. The origin of the trend can be traced back to the rise of bike shorts as a popular style choice, which subsequently influenced celebrity wardrobe choices. A notable example of the «no pants» look was seen at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in May 2023, when Irina Shayk turned heads by wearing a sheer dress paired with lingerie and a jacket.

Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Irina Shayk was photographed at the Hotel Martinez in a completely sheer black sleeveless gown that stopped just below the knee and featured huge rhinestone embellishments along the chest, shoulder and neck. Shayk wore nothing underneath except matching Gucci logo lingerie, and the look was styled with coordinating opera gloves, knee-high stockings and strappy black heels.

Rita Ora turned heads as she exited British Vogue’s 2023 «Forces For Change» event in a daringly sheer dress. The black gown, designed by David Koma, left little to the imagination with strategically placed floral appliques. Despite the revealing nature of the dress, Ora reportedly appeared to have enjoyed a fun-filled night at the star-studded party.

Ariana DeBose sizzled at Versace’s Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show, held in West Hollywood on March 9th, 2023. She donned a head-turning black netted dress that clung to her figure, showcasing a confident and glamorous look. The dress cascaded down to her ankles and was paired with open-toe heels, elongating her silhouette. DeBose’s dark hair was styled in a high ponytail with edgy cornrow braids, adding a touch of personality to the overall ensemble.

Jonathan Paciullo/SIPA/SIPA/East News, zz/John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News

One of the most iconic appearances came in September of that year, when Kylie Jenner showed up at the Loewe Paris Fashion Week wearing only briefs over stockings.

Since 2022, this type of outfit has become a fairly common sight at public events, with Riverdale star Camila Mendes portraying another one of these moments when she showed up with a similarly daring look at another fashion event in February 2023.

They dress like that all over the place.

Beyond the red carpet, celebrities are embracing the no-pants trend in their everyday lives. Take actress and model Julia Fox, who made headlines in May 2022 when she was spotted shopping in her underwear. A year later, she pushed the envelope even further by pumping gas while wearing only briefs from the waist down.

Fashion trends come and go, and we’re glad we won’t be seeing some of them. But with some others, it’s nice to see men breaking all the stereotypes and starting to wear skirts. And how beauty standards are starting to change drastically.

Preview photo credit juliafox / Instagram, Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News


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