I Caught My Sister Breastfeeding My Son, and the Situation Quickly Escalated

5 months ago

Every individual has a distinct parenting style, especially when navigating the challenges of motherhood for the first time. Sammy, a reader of Now I’ve Seen Everything and a new mother, contacted us seeking advice on a sensitive situation involving her sister, whose behavior has deeply troubled Sammy.

No, you did not overreact. Your sister disrespected you, so that's her bad! She owes you SINCERE apology, but I doubt that she is capable of speaking with her heart. Two of my siblings (one brother and one sister) are incapable of feeling "sorry", and meaning it, this brother is narcissistic, lies like a rug, and toxic (on my blacklist), the sister is an alcoholic, controlling, imposing herself, self-centered, and EMPATHY is either lacking in both, or grossly misplaced in my sister's case. Neither of them will ever admit to doing a "wrong thing", so will not genuinely apologize. Read up on narcissistic personalities, you may find a description of your sister. Good luck! And I sincerely apologize for her, I would have HIT the roof if anyone, sister or not, had done this to my daughter, and would have expelled them from my own house. I was in the Canadian Forces for 22 years, and have zero tolerance for any form of violence, betrayal, manipulation, lying, controlling or disrespect! Good luck.


Hello Sammy! We appreciate your message and are thrilled that you’re keeping things candid with us. Take a look at these tips we’ve prepared for you, and we hope they prove beneficial.

Communication is key.

Initiate a private conversation with Nancy to address your feelings and concerns. Select a tranquil moment when both of you can communicate without distractions. Articulate your perspective on the incident, elaborating on how her actions affected you emotionally.

Stress the significance of respecting each other’s parenting choices, maintaining a discussion centered on understanding rather than assigning blame.

Clearly define and establish boundaries.

Clearly define your boundaries when it comes to your child’s care. Politely but firmly communicate that you appreciate her concern for Jack, but you would prefer to handle your son’s needs as his mother.

Reinforce the importance of respecting each other’s parenting choices, emphasizing that your decisions are not a reflection of her abilities as a parent.

Consider pursuing mediation or family counseling.

If the tension lingers and communication deteriorates, consider engaging a neutral third party, like a mediator or family counselor. A professional can help facilitate a positive conversation and provide guidance on navigating this challenging situation. It’s essential to foster mutual understanding and preserve family relationships while respecting individual parenting styles.

Discover shared connections.

Identify areas where you and Nancy can find common ground in your parenting approaches. While you may have different preferences, there might be shared values or goals that can serve as a foundation for understanding and cooperation. Finding common ground can help rebuild trust and create a more supportive family environment for both you and Nancy.

Express emotions and listen actively.

Openly communicate your emotions with Nancy, and encourage her to express her feelings as well. Employ active listening techniques to ensure that both sides feel heard and understood, thereby preventing misunderstandings and fostering a more empathetic connection. Acknowledge each other’s perspectives and breastfeeding choices, even if complete agreement is not reached, and strive to find a compromise that respects both of your parenting styles.

Navigating family connections can be challenging, particularly as we establish our own households. Another Now I’ve Seen Everything reader has reached out, seeking guidance in a situation where her sister embarrassed her in front of everyone at her wedding due to the dress she chose.


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