I Confessed to My Wife That I Regret Having Children, and Her Reaction Completely Caught Me Off Guard

9 months ago

Raising children is challenging, but the majority of parents still find joy and happiness in it. However, around 17-18% of people have regrets about having children. We received a letter from Roger, a father of two children, who feels disappointment and exhaustion from life with kids and is seeking advice.

Hey Roger! We are sorry to hear that you and your wife are in a rough period in your relationship. We decided to find out what our readers think about this situation

  • You are stressed out and burned out. You need professional help fast. Parenthood is an 18+ years responsibility, so much work and maintenance. A lot of people don’t like to commit to this but understanding that once you chose to have children, its a responsibility, don’t need to be a lifetime, you have your own life to live, but try to make the process as healthy and as pleasant as you can. © Joy Sellers / Facebook
  • That’s exactly why I told my two stepsons to please really think about having children. To remember it won’t be about them anymore once their children come into the world. Parenthood is no joke and not for the weak. I believe young people really aren’t thinking about what it means to be married or having children. Children should never be made to feel like it’s their fault because their parents were not ready for a family© Stephanie Gives — Winckler / Facebook
  • What kind of mother tells 4 and 7 yr old children that their father wishes they were never born? Something is awry here, and I don’t think it’s the children. I think it’s the mother using the children as pawns. © Renea Breashears / Facebook
  • Part of the issue is the unrealistic expectations people have about children. I think many would rethink their decision if they were being completely honest. The real problem here is the wife telling her children their father wished he hadn’t had them. © Frederika Zylstra / Facebook
  • Maybe your parents felt the same. Unfortunately, I think a lot of men should not have chosen to be fathers. Don’t let society dictate your life. Some should not be parents and thats ok. Better to be single than ruin another person’s life. Being a parent is not for everyone. © Priscilla Kerrigan / Facebook

We hope that Roger can find a compromise with his wife and achieve harmony in his life. Meanwhile, we agree with our readers that parenthood is not for everyone. Both men and women are increasingly choosing a child-free life, and that is perfectly normal.


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