15 Dating Stories That Will Make You Feel Relieved That It Wasn’t You in Them

4 months ago

Going on dates with different people can be quite repetitive and boring for some of us. You meet complete strangers who know nothing about you and have to start getting to know them and talking about yourself all over again. The outcome can either be pleasant, where you will meet your future partner, or negative, where you will never meet or talk again. And it seems like the latter happens very often in our time.

Being in the dating pool can be hard, and Now I’ve Seen Everything has dug up 15 stories that will make you feel great that it wasn’t you in these situations.
















Years ago our city sponsored monthly singles dances. I went sometimes and eventually accepted a date for the rodeo dance coming up. I am one of those unfortunate people who does not look their age; so while I rarely responded to the question, my date ASKED TO SEE MY ID. (I was in my 30's.) I don't recall why we had to swing by his place where he pawed thru some papers but then we set off for the dance. On the way, he knicked the back end of another car, jumped out and started screaming at the other driver that it was his fault (not) but it was minor enough the other driver didn't feel it was worth the vitriolic tongue-lashing so we left. Got to the rodeo dance. He sat and bopped to the music but never asked me to dance. Then at a table behind us a girl puked up her guts all over the table. I quit. Take me home please. Now rodeo was a big thing and I had a spiffy "rodeo" outfit that was figure hugging and by the end of the day, it was painful. When we got back to my place I excused myself to unbutton the tight fitting vest, but when I got back to the living room, he sat on my sofa wearing just his boxers. I was astonished, considering how things had gone so far, so I nope nope noped him right out the front door, gathering up his clothes and throwing them out after him. The end. He at least was smart enough to not call again.


What was the worst date that you have been to and what was the final outcome?

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