I Inherited Money and Was Shocked to Learn HOW My Fiancé Wants To Spend It

2 months ago

Marriages often fall apart due to financial issues. For this young woman, things didn’t even reach the wedding stage, as the inheritance she received has already cast doubt on her future together with her fiancé. In search of a solution to her problem, she posted her situation online.

She wrote:

“I (32F) got engaged to my partner (35M) just a year ago. As of right now, we have been together 5 years, and our wedding is planned for May 2025.

Unfortunately, only a couple of weeks after our engagement, my nanna passed away. My nanna and grandpa worked extremely hard throughout their lives, were very successful, educated and had really high paying jobs. They were very restricted on spending money young, and so lived their elderly years with lots of it. Worth noting my grandpa is a very, very intelligent man, and he’s very smart with money and investments, so when I say lots, I do mean lots.

My nanna wrote a hugely generous sum of money into her will that was to be inherited by me, my brother and my three cousins. Even after the money was divided up, there was still thousands to each of our names. I won’t disclose the exact amount.

When I heard the news, I told my fiancé, and he was incredibly overjoyed, much more than I expected him to be. I went along with it and shrugged it off until later in the day I heard him on the game with his mates saying, ’I can pay my credit card off with that money, mate! We can finally get that boys’ holiday we’ve been planning, ay?’ and laughing.”

“I walked into the room and asked, ’What money?’ and he immediately looked at me funny and said, ’From your nan, babe.’

I immediately exploded on him and said, ’You won’t be paying anything off without my permission, and there most certainly will be no boys’ holiday. It’s not your money to have, it’s written to me from MY nanna, it’s not for you.’

We had a shouting match and I left the room upset, he later got off the game and found me in the kitchen where he scolded me again and said, ’We are getting married, you will become my financial BURDEN. Any money you take in is mine also. It was incredibly selfish of you to make such a fool out of me in front of my friends and giving them false hope of a holiday.’

Again, worth noting it wasn’t me who said anything about a holiday, and where I become a financial burden I don’t know considering I am in a very good job, and don’t want children. I left the house without saying a word and am typing this at my friend’s house right now.

I forgot to mention that this incident has literally just happened, the reason my fiancé only just found out is because until now even I didn’t know if the money was coming to me or not due to several family and court complications.

Am I in the wrong?”

The woman received nothing but support in the aftermath of the post.

  • Run run run. This guy is planning on spending your inheritance for you before you even get It. If I were me, I’d seriously end the relationship now. He has proven how he feels about you. You will be his financial burden? How? When YOU have inheritance? If you do decide to stay in the relationship and marry this man, I’d demand a prenup and if he refuses, then walk away. © DarklissDeevill / Reddit
  • Major red flag — he has kept hidden that he has old fashioned ideas of your role in the marriage. You will be “a burden” yet your money is his money, but no doubt not vice versa. A prenup to protect you, or walk away. And he is circling your grandpa like a vulture! © Some-Geologist-5120 / Reddit
  • It is a worrying detail to me that his first thought upon hearing about her inheritance was to pay off his credit card debt AND PAY FOR A TRIP WITH HIS FRIENDS. Makes me wonder how he racked up that debt in the first place. Instead of thinking about how he and his wife could use that money, with her permission, to improve their financial situation together, he only thought of how he could use that money to benefit himself and have fun that he couldn’t afford on his own.
    This man does not sound like a good partner to have when it comes to finances. Even if you ignore the blatant insult he hurled at his fiancé, and the gaslighting he tried to do when he blamed her for getting their hopes up (which she shouldn’t), his philosophy when it comes to money seems to be to spend it on whatever he wants at the moment, whether the money is his or not. © GovernorSan / Reddit
  • Nanna gave you 2 gifts:
    1. The money
    2. Got the fiancé to reveal how much how disgusting he is BEFORE any marriage or co-mingling of assets. © PrideofCapetown / Reddit
  • 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 He’s already planning on how he’s spending all your money ... he might also force you into debt so you’ll have to pay if you get married! Is this the kind of person you want to spend your life with? Don’t marry him! © Supanova-23 / Reddit

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