I Peeked at the Fitness App on My Husband’s Phone and Revealed His Nasty Secret

2 weeks ago

Gone are the days of donning disguises to tail suspicious partners. Today, catching a liar red-handed is as simple as checking your phone. Forget about scouring social media for clues — our modern tale features a 37-year-old woman who uncovered her husband’s infidelity using a fitness app. She penned a letter to our editorial, detailing how technology revealed the truth about her relationship.

The woman felt pleased when her husband began taking up running.

Vivienne, a 37-year-old woman, recently shared her story with our editorial team, recounting the events that ultimately led to her separation from her beloved husband. Describing her experiences almost like a detective unraveling a mystery, Vivienne began her letter with a poignant reflection: “My husband Mike and I have been happily married for over 15 years now. I’ve always been a sporty person and can say that the gym is my second home, because of how much time I spend on exercising every day. Mike, in his turn, has always been fond of a quite lazy lifestyle, accompanied by overeating and zero exercise. I did try to make him live a healthier life and do at least some sport to compensate that bad habit of overeating that Mike has always had. But to no avail, he did like his lifestyle, so I just gave up on persuading him to live a healthier life.”

The status quo remained unchanged until Mike’s gradual weight gain became noticeable. Vivienne recounted, “Due to his genes, Mike has always been in a quite good shape. He didn’t gain weight even after long periods of eating before bedtime. But things changed as he started aging. Mike is 40, and his lifestyle finally took a toll on his physical appearance. He started gaining pounds profusely. This was when we went to a doctor and when Mike was advised to exercise and, in particular, to go for runs.”

Vivienne recalled, “I was happy to notice how Mike finally started going on runs, and he seemed to even enjoy it gradually. But later, it all turned out to be just a good cover for his absolutely disgusting personality.”

Vivienne grew suspicious of Mike’s sudden enthusiasm for running.

Vivienne continues her narrative, remarking, “Recently, Mike has become too fond of going for runs. There were several times that I offered to go on runs with him. But he would always make up some excuse about how he was going to run too far for me, or he was saying I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.”

The woman explained, “Things were getting really suspicious. I became especially alarmed after Mike just woke up one morning and decided he would be taking a ’break’ from our relationship. He didn’t provide me with any explanation, he just stated that he needed a break and that was it. This is when I eventually started digging in, and I did discover that something bigger was going on there.”

The woman resolved to do some snooping, her curiosity piqued by Mike’s fitness app.

Vivienne shared, “Mike and I both have a fitness social media app installed on our phones. This app enables people to follow each other and even share their workouts with each other. One can go on a run, a swim or a hike and post it to this app, and it will share the post with all people who’re your friends on this app.”

Naturally, Vivienne and her husband were connected on the app, following each other’s activities. However, there was one detail Mike overlooked: the app’s settings. If one’s account was set to public, the app shared data with all followers, including a map of the person’s fitness route.

The woman said, “What I ended up finding through the running maps of this application was shocking for me. I saw that Mike would start his run at another house, and the route was unchanged. The house that was the ending point of Mike’s route was a half of a mile away from our place.”

Vivienne discovered the root cause behind her husband’s sudden enthusiasm for running.

Vivienne elaborated, “Although it didn’t provide all the answers immediately, my investigation offered me considerable reassurance regarding why my once-lazy husband suddenly embraced running so fervently. I made another investigation, and I easily found out who he was cheating on me with and what he was doing all those times he was gone. Armed with the woman’s address, I confronted her directly, revealing my knowledge of the affair. In response, she divulged the entire story, providing intricate details.”

It transpired that Mike’s affair partner was his high school ex-girlfriend, with whom he had maintained contact even after they broke up prior to his relationship with Vivienne. Far from severing ties, Mike continued to see her regularly and even bestowed birthday gifts upon her. The former flame revealed to Vivienne that she and Mike had been romantically involved for over six months, coinciding with the period when Mike began his running routine. With this revelation, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Vivienne.

The woman concluded, “I confronted Mike immediately after I found out the truth. And even then he was lying and was trying to find excuses again and again. But my trust in him vanished, I couldn’t even look at him without disgust anymore. So, I’m a divorced, free and happy woman now. And now I know that fitness apps are handy not only in terms of tracking the miles, but also in terms of revealing the true faces of some people.”

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