20+ Movie Characters and Celebs Whose Gender-Swapped Looks Wow

5 months ago

Recently, a gender-bender filter has become popular on Twitter. After swapping genders of everyone we know, we have now turned our attention to fictional characters and celebrities. The filter has proven to be a powerful tool, and we can now enjoy our beloved characters in both male and female forms. We invite you to join us in admiring these amusing and attractive results.

And as a bonus, we did an experiment with some celebrities. And we were very amused by the results.

1. “Halfwoman” and Lady of Casterly Rock

2. She surely doesn’t like bullies.

3. Lady Snow, Commander of the Night Watch

4. The girl who lived

5. Mistress Witcher — the filter even turned Geralt’s chest hair into a hairy bra!

6. Everyone’s favorite bard and poetess, Juliana Alfreda Pankratz, or Jaskier for short

7. “I am Iron Woman.”

8. Prince Organa of Alderaan

9. Lord Stark, King of the North

10. Mr. Granger, the brightest wizard of his age

11. A powerful sorcerer from Vengerberg

12. Black Widow with some Eastern European roughness

13. Eleven’s curly hair is a huge upgrade from Season 1.

14. Arry Stark, a faceless boy and the hero of Winterfell

15. Red hair and a hand-me-down robe — she must be a Weasley!

16. Mighty Thor, Goddess of Thunder, Daughter of Asgard

17. With her trickster sister!

18. Jedi Credo, whose fighting style and aesthetics are heavily based on the samurai — and Rey even looks like one!

19. A certified babysitter of Hawkins, Miss “The Hair” Harington

20. Agent Cooper at her finest

21. Smuggler, scoundrel, heroine

Bonus: What real people would look like if they were a different gender

Lady Gaga

Invision / Invision / East News



Leonardo DiCaprio

Cillian Murphy

Before you go, take a look at our next piece! We’re talking about 15 celebrities who we think would be cool if they switched roles. It’s like seeing your favorite stars in a whole new way!


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