I Had To Choose Between a Cruise and My Grandson’s Health

2 weeks ago

We received a letter from Betty, a 72-year-old woman. She wanted to enjoy her retirement and had saved up for years for a luxurious vacation. However, life presented her with a difficult choice, and now she doubts whether she made the right decision.

Here is Betty’s letter:

This story sparked a strong reaction from people. However, opinions were divided. Some didn’t understand Betty’s actions.

  • Helping who we love isn’t a sacrifice. And knowing I could help my beloved one would make me happier than any material thing. © Ludmilla Malentacchi Coppio / Facebook
  • Nothing comes before my family. However, I’d check into the insurance for the cruise. I’d sure like to get my money back if at all possible. If not, oh well. But to me, it doesn’t sound like she spent it yet. © Ellen Lopatin Tozzi / Facebook
  • I would give everything I have including my life for my children or grandchildren. © Carla Jackson Tinajero / Facebook
  • This is a double edge sword! I did everything for my one daughter and her family. The list is too long. She was also good to me. But when I hit my senior yrs when I needed her the most for some reason unknown to me or anyone else in my family she turned her back on me, my grandchildren hardly recognize me anymore. It tore my heart apart. I cried all the time for many years. So I can honestly say I would have given her the money for my grandchild! © Debby Grear Malloy / Facebook
  • There is absolutely no way I would sacrifice my grandsons or daughter’s health to go on a cruise. We all want things in life, does not mean we get it. © Janice Torti Petracca / Facebook
  • A cruise isn’t going to make one happy. I’m sorry. I’d give everything to save my grandson... I have one and that kid is my world! © Rosemary Gonzales / Facebook

Others supported her.

  • They should have medical insurance. And after make arrangements for a payment plan. You might get ill. And they are not giving up their savings. No one should. If you didn’t have any savings, what would they do? Exactly! Do that! © Vikki DelGado / Facebook
  • Her son didn’t say he was terminal... if it were me, I would see if there were other options first and if there was no other way, I would contribute, but I don’t think I could give up my cruise, and I’m being honest that I would help them find a way to assist now if the kid was terminal I don’t know a lot of hospitals have programs where the bill gets footed like I said he would need to look into it thoroughly. © Janet Warner / Facebook
  • I would want to speak to the grandson’s doctor to get a full independent diagnosis and future needs before handing over any money. Going by her son’s attitude, it could simply be an attempted money grab. Next time, keep your plans a secret. © Dorothy Payne / Facebook

Difficult decisions are sometimes made not only by grandmothers and mothers. Here is the story of a daughter who broke her mother’s heart by asking her not to attend the wedding.

Preview photo credit Teona Swift / Pexels


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