I Stated to My Daughter and Her Boyfriend to Move Out From My House and Be Responsible for Their Life

6 months ago

A mom and her daughter’s connection can sometimes be not easy, no matter what age the child is. This occurred to a person on Reddit, who appeared to show a lot of love to her daughter, who has children and resides in her home. However, the outcome of this relationship became a major family disaster, affecting many, including the innocent kids. The distressed woman is now working hard to solve a difficult problem.

The mother-daughter relationship seemed to be the warmest at first sight.

A mother has turned to Reddit platform to ask for a piece of advice regarding her very complicated situation with her own daughter. The woman, 45 who goes by the name of Miserable-Day-8244, wrote that she has a daughter, 27, and six grandchildren. Her daughter and grandkids live with her, and the woman doesn’t even expect her daughter to pay any rent.

The woman added that all of her daughter’s kids have three different fathers, one of the dads is her current fiancé, who lives in the house together with her daughter and kids as well.

The parents sheltered their daughter together with her big family.

The woman continues her post, saying that her daughter works part-time, and her husband-to-be works as a chef on a full time basis. The family have lived with the woman in her house for the past year and a half, all because they were evicted from their latest home. The kids and the daughter with her future husband use 2 upstairs bedrooms in the house, and there’s still not so much space for their 6 kids.

The couple is often asking the woman for help with phone bills, and the OP with her husband don’t ask them to pay for anything, because they want the young family to be able to save money to get a home. But the woman confessed that saving for their own home was probably not something they were doing.

The daughter left her mom in shock right on the Christmas Eve.

The woman goes on with her story, saying that she has put up with loud voices throughout all hours, and waking up at different hours to cater to children. She explained that she really loves her grandchildren. She wrote that she never complained to her daughter because she thinks family is very important. She and her husband didn’t expect her daughter with her family to be living in their house this long. The woman wrote that they actually had some plans for remodeling their house, but they had put them away because of their daughter’s needs.

On Christmas Eve, the daughter gathered all family members all around and announced they were pregnant with baby #7. The woman revealed that everyone was all excited, but she just felt dread. She explained that this would mean another child in their house with not much room.

Her husband felt the same about the whole situation. They discussed later and decided they were going to have to ask her daughter to move out with all her big family.

The woman feels bad about her decision, but she feels this was the only one that would be right.

The woman then had to bring it up to her daughter and her boyfriend and she told them, they have 2 months to find a place because she and her husband couldn’t have another child there. Her daughter started crying, saying she couldn’t believe her own mom would throw her to the streets for having a baby. She claimed that this was completely unfair and not enough time. But the mother didn’t change her mind, she told her she was sorry. The woman confessed that this decision was painful for her as well, but the living conditions were just impossible.

Her daughter demanded she gave her more time, or she’d go to the courts and the woman told her news flash, the courts only give you 30 days. She then said her grandchildren were going to be homeless because their grandma was selfish. The daughter even made a Facebook post asking for rooms to rent because “she’s pregnant and has nowhere to go, and her family don’t care about her.”

Discussion appeared to be really hot, some people even expressed unusual emotions.

Less than a month, this story got more than a thousand comments. The theme appeared to be very controversial. People expressed their opinion and even shared some advices for decisions that a woman could suggest to her daughter.

  • They are using your home as a baby farm. As long as you enable her, she will keep using you to avoid her responsibilities. It is sad, but I think you can help her better from a distance. If you are able to help with child care is that she can work, you would still get some time to recharge when your house is quiet. Just give her a list of ways that you are willing to help, but housing them is not one of them. That will be 7 kids under 11 — without stability. That’s irresponsible of her and their fathers. © Top-Cut-369 / Reddit
  • You are giving tough love, and they need it badly. They have lived with you long enough to saved to move out, but I don’t think they were planning on moving at all. Stay strong, you are truly doing the best thing for everyone. I am confident that anyone that knows them are not surprised about your decision. You are not responsible for taking care of two adults and their decisions. © katrossusa / Reddit
  • She is absolutely taking advantage of you. And I know you love your grandkids, but their parents are the ones that need to step up... Not you. You raised your own kids, and you deserve to enjoy your life now... Not be the enabler. They need to start paying for something around the house. And not look to you and your husband to be free babysitter’s. Stand up for yourself. I can guarantee she thought, “Oh wow I’d like to have another baby because my mom will help me every day.” She needs a wake up call! And you need to establish boundaries with them. This is so unfair that I’m actually pissed for you! © Puzzled_Pineapple_31 / Reddit

Family relationships can be tough, whether it’s between a husband and wife or parents and kids. It’s common for challenges to arise, and finding ways to navigate through them is important for a happy and healthy family.

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