Mads Mikkelsen’s Story Proves That the Universe Is Conspiring to Help You Meet Your True Love

5 months ago

Mads Mikkelsen often portrays charismatic and ruthless villains on screen. In real life, he is far from his on-screen persona: Mads is a devoted family man, husband, and father of two. He has been together with his wife for over 35 years, and we decided to delve into their touching love story.

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Today, Mads Mikkelsen is a successful international actor, and star of a Bond film, who has been the first on the list of the hottest men in Denmark several times. After the results were public, he even said on Facebook, “I beat Brad Pitt.” But it hasn’t always been like this. He started the difficult path to the top after the age of 30, and his loving wife Hanne has always supported him.

How they met.

Mads and Hanne met in 1987 when they were working on the La Cage aux Folles play. Mads was supposed to dance the female part, and Hanne was his choreographer. It’s interesting that the future star of Casino Royale is a great ballet dancer and even finished an academy in this specialization.

The actor remembered this moment, joking at himself, “I met her when I was dressed up like a woman. There must be some Freudian stuff happening there. I was a Chinese girl, and I think I was quite good. I have women’s legs.”

The future Mrs. Mikkelsen also shared her thoughts about the start of their relationship when she decided, “That right there, that’s the man in my life.” Since then, they have been together, and 13 years after the start of the relationship, they got officially married.

Young parents and a fateful choice.

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Hanne is a very versatile person. Aside from choreography and dancing, she is also an actress, she was in tv-series, and had a very popular role in Denmark in Harry Måneskin. This makes the choice she made for her family and husband even more significant.

After a short time, the couple had children: daughter Viola, and son Carl, 5 years later. But the parents were going to get married.

At first, they lived and raised kids in Copenhagen. But in 2012, Mads’ career went uphill: he got a role in Hannibal which was filmed in Toronto. Hanne decided to leave their home in Copenhagen, took the kids, and moved to Canada because she knew that acting was her husband’s calling.

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The series was extremely popular and gave a boost to Mads’ career, but at what cost? In a 2014 interview, he was complaining that they would never live the same way as they did during the first years of their relationship. When the show was on, they could live in one house for only 3 months.

Love no matter what.

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Many years later, the spouses learned to take fame with humor, and they are as close as ever now. Mads jokes at his wife and asks, ’’Honey, do you realize who you’re married to? The sexiest man 14 years ago." Hanne replies, ’Well, you’re married to the hottest girl in the world.“

Hanne also shared another amusing incident in an interview. “I remember particularly with that one that he called from the car before he got home, saying: ‘Hanne, they gave me a new haircut on set today — I look a bit funny.’ ‘Oh well,’ I thought. Then I saw him in the entrance hall and I said: ‘You go and put a hat on right now, Mads.’ And he slept with the hat on too, because I didn’t want to wake up with that head next to me. ”

About her career as a dancer, Hanne said in an interview that she doesn’t feel like she sacrificed something, “I had my time as a dancer, and it was a great time.”

You can often see Hanne on red carpets next to her husband. She always supports him during movie premieres and festivals. For example, she shared his joy when he won Best Actor at the 2012 Cannes Awards for The Hunt.

However, Hanne Jacobsen has made a brilliant career as a choreographer. According to Popular Networth, the actress’s fortune is estimated at 1 million dollars. This figure is linked to her career as an actress and choreographer.

Kids, just like mom, also influenced their father’s career and even try to make him choose certain roles. The son convinced him to take part in Rihanna’s video. And his daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan, and she convinced him to work on Fantastic Beasts.

Carl travels a lot today and serves in the Denmark Royal Guards. And Viola is helping those in need. After learning to be a nurse, she worked as a volunteer in Nepal, where she took care of children. Now, she is a pediatric nurse and takes care of young patients.

Mads doesn’t shy away from emphasizing how important family is to him. Although now that his children have grown, the situation may change, he admitted that he enjoys it when his wife and children form a “strong family” and joined him on set.

“They join me on location if they have a chance, but I can also be home three or four months doing nothing, so I probably see my kids more than people who work constantly all year long. If that changes, we’ll have to have a family meeting,” he said.

Long and happy marriage is a dream for many, but not everyone manages to maintain relationships for many years. However, some Hollywood couples have succeeded in doing so.

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