Meet Gladys, the “Fitness Grandma”, Who Became a Lingerie Model At 70

10 months ago

Gladys, a senior woman was afraid of not being welcomed on social media due to her age and physical appearance as a fitness enthusiast. However, she quickly became viral in her native Chile. As a result, she has been affectionately dubbed “the fitness grandma” and she proved age is just a number by posing in lingerie.

It’s a new chapter in her life.

Gladys Bravo, a Chilean 70-year-old has become a prominent competitor and bodybuilding athlete, earning local and national recognition in her home country. Despite her numerous accomplishments in her fitness career, Gladys had yet another goal to achieve, which led her to recently make the decision to strive for more.

In this case, the South American woman now also works as a model, particularly in the lingerie industry, as she claims to love wearing such garments whenever possible. However, she confessed that she was afraid of not being accepted by people online due to her age and physical appearance.

After breaking down these barriers, Gladys set aside modesty and let her feminine instincts run free, leading her to post images that have gone viral, making it clear that age doesn’t matter when it comes to achieving dreams and success in today’s time.

She had to learn the ins and outs of modelling.

Regarding her new job, Gladys said modelling is a bit different bodybuilding. According to her experience in such competitions, there are four basic poses performed in front of the judges to showcase her musculature: front, right profile, back, and left profile.

However, in the realm of lingerie modeling, the “fitness grandma” explained that it is more spontaneous. She posed based on how she felt in the moment, revealing that sometimes she adopted more suggestive positions, but always with subtlety.

But Gladys isn’t alone in her pursuit of proving that age doesn’t stop us from realizing our dreams. Other elderly folks have a similar journey, including a 94-year-old influencer who has been taking the world by storm for almost 10 years now.

Preview photo credit / Instagram


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