Meet Hannah, Born With a Rare Condition, Who Turned Her Dream Into Reality and Became a Beauty Influencer

5 months ago

Hannah was born with a rare bone condition that confines her to a wheelchair. However, this hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She has achieved her makeup ambitions, become an influencer, and inspires thousands of girls worldwide to love themselves and strive for their goals.

A rare genetic disease affecting her bones.

Hannah Tyre is a 27-year-old girl living in Georgia, USA. Like every girl her age, Hannah enjoys a variety of hobbies, and makeup is among them. But, unlike others, she leads a unique lifestyle, and her everyday activities may have to be altered due to a rare genetic disease that has affected her since she was a newborn, osteogenesis imperfecta.

“I literally just say, like, I have brittle bones disease, meaning that my bones just break very easily,” Hannah says, attempting to describe her rare condition.

Osteogenesis prevents the body from building strong bones; it comes in many forms, and each can present its own challenges. The signs and symptoms of this disorder might be mild to severe, but it can affect our whole life and how we conduct everyday tasks.

Hannah, and many others like her, require specific equipment for their condition, allowing them to accomplish everyday things. Hannah says, “The biggest challenge in my disease is always trying to look for places that are handicapped accessible.”

Hannah’s life may be relatively normal because her family supports her and has been by her since birth. “I need help to get dressed during the day and to get in and out of my wheelchair or bathing,” she continued, “sometimes it frustrates me I can’t be more independent.”

Hannah’s mother is an important figure in her life, and she has given her all to her daughter since they first learned of her condition. Cindy, Hannah’s mother, recalls how young she was when she gave birth to Hannah and how horrified she was to learn that her child had fractured bones.

Through her love for makeup, she’s reached millions of people.

“I really just got into beauty and makeup,” said Hannah. “My mom started selling Avon when I was little, and I started going to all the little meetings with her, and I started playing around and I would test her lipsticks and the eyeshadows.”

By the age of 12, Hannah received an enormous makeup set for Christmas. Thanks to this, she was able to launch her own YouTube channel, just like all the other influential beauty figures she started following.

Despite the difficulties posed by her disabilities, Hannah was persistent in pursuing her makeup passion, enabling her to run her own social media pages and reach millions of people. Since she started making videos, Hannah has been able to get into the hearts of all who watch her.

Other than bringing attention to her disability, Hannah serves as an example of how you don’t have to look a certain way to feel beautiful because you have to discover your beauty. She said, “Blogging has definitely given me more confidence, making me realize I can do many more things, and it improved my self-esteem.”

“Beauty just means being confident and just owning who you are, and just being proud of who you are and just expressing yourself,” she told. “That’s what beauty means to me.”

Hannah may struggle to get by every day, and even something as simple as sneezing can be critical. Showing off her makeup to her fans while wearing it, on the other hand, has helped her overcome these obstacles and find solace in it. “I don’t think that I’m any different from anybody else, people with disabilities are not different.”

“Growing up I didn’t see a lot of women, or really anybody, in the media with a disability,” Hannah said. “So I kind of wanted to do something to show people with disabilities that you can do this, too. I think it’s really awesome that the beauty industry is becoming more diverse and really showcasing different types of beauty ... and I’m proud to somewhat have a little part to do with it.”

We’re truly inspired by Hannah’s journey and wish her continued success in spreading joy with her incredible smile. It’s a remarkable feat that in today’s world, people can pursue their dreams without being bound by imposed standards. Just like in the modeling industry where diversity and authenticity are now embraced, creating a more inclusive and beautiful world.


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