Woman Got Her Hair Wash in Salon and Moment Later Creepy Truth About that “Staff” Revealed

3 weeks ago

Visiting a beauty salon is a normal experience for most women. Yes, incidents like the stylist choosing the wrong color or being impolite can happen, but what happened to one woman was far from normal. A TikTok user named Kirsten (@kir.a.lo) shared her bizarre experience of discovering that the person cutting her hair wasn’t supposed to be there at all. Her story quickly gained a lot of attention on TikTok.

You never know what surprises the salon might hold.

Kirsten was sitting in the salon waiting area, excited for her haircut. Instead of her usual stylist, another person came up and asked to wash her hair. Thinking it was normal, Kirsten agreed and went to the wash station. While getting her hair washed, Kirsten noticed salon staff giving strange looks and whispering. Soon, things got worse.

The manager was called over, and it turned out the person shampooing Kirsten’s hair wasn’t an employee of the salon at all. They were an impostor who seemed to have a strange obsession with shampooing strangers’ hair. Naturally, Kirsten was surprised, and the salon staff were equally shocked and apologetic when they found out.

After the impostor ran off, a real salon employee took over and finished Kirsten’s hair appointment. But the incident left everyone uneasy, not just Kirsten. Some wondered why the impostor did it, while others shared their own strange encounters with strangers in unusual places.

Kirsten’s TikTok post about her bewildering encounter at the salon sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers.

Some people expressed their feelings and opinions about Kristen’s situation.

  • I can’t explain it but I would feel so violated. © AUD to the DREY / TikTok
  • It doesn’t SEEM like a scary story but.... only a crazy person would do something like that and your HEAD was in a crazy person’s hands! 🤯 © Amy A. / TikTok
  • Maybe she had an appointment after you and wanted to speed up the process. © Des / TikTok

And as often happens on social media, the conversation expanded beyond Kirsten’s experience, with others sharing their own unsettling encounters with impostors and strangers.

  • Three decades ago, I had a woman insist she wash my hair “for” my stylist. I felt something was off, but followed the woman. She promptly scalded my head with hot water. I jerked and screamed and she goes oh I’m sorry. Worst experience ever. © Kann / TikTok
  • Ok so something similar happened to me in a freaking dental office! When I got my wisdom teeth out in high school the stitches weren’t dissolvable so I had to go in to get them removed. A girl who I recognized as the receptionist there comes in and starts tugging at the stitches. She had scrubs on so I figured maybe she was training to become a technician. But the actual technician comes barging in saying, “Rebecca!! What are you doing touching a patient?! 😱” And she went running out. © Steph Hamilton / TikTok
  • I work in a cafe, and a person came in and told us they had just been hired recently and today was their first day. They worked the entire shift, turns out they were some random that just walked in! © kate :) / TikTok

In the end, Kirsten’s strange salon experience served as a reminder that even the most ordinary situations can take unexpected turns, and it’s essential to stay vigilant, even when just getting a haircut.

Preview photo credit kir.a.lo / TikTok


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