Miley Cyrus Revealed the Real Reason Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Kids

10 months ago

Miley Cyrus is known for living by her own rules, not being afraid to speak the truth, and openly discussing her personal life. She has candidly explained why she doesn’t want to have kids, and we respect her stance.

She grew up in a big family.

Miley has spent most of her life surrounded by little brothers and sisters. Her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia “Tish” Finley, had three children together: daughters Miley and Noah and son Braison, born in 1992, 2000, and 1994 respectively.

Kids are not a part of her journey.

Unlike her clearly children-motivated mom, Miley has long decided for herself that her baby-making factory is closed for business indefinitely. Back in 2019, she stated that she despised the idea that a woman’s primary role is to become a mother. Cyrus explained her reasoning with a very simple message: she doesn’t want to put any more strain on our planet. She said: “Until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water, I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that.”

“[We millennials] don’t want to reproduce because we know that the earth can’t handle it. And nature’s female. That’s the way that I feel women are like right now. The earth is angry. We’ve been doing the same thing to the earth that we do to women. We just take and take and expect it to keep producing. And it’s exhausted. It can’t produce,” she said.

Miley feels very content with her decision, but she admits that she feels the stigma surrounding it. She refuses to feel guilty about her choices and makes it clear to anyone, who has anything judgmental to say about it: “If you don’t want children, people feel sorry for you, like you’re cold and heartless and not capable of love.”

She has always been in charge of her life.

At the time Cyrus revealed she has no plans to have kids, she was still married to Liam Hemsworth. Curiously, Liam has publically stated that he always planned to have “10, 15, maybe 20 [kids]” with his then-wife. As we now know, things didn’t work out between Liam and Miley after all. Perhaps, other reasons influenced ther divorce more, but it’s pretty obvious that Cyrus wasn’t ready to compromise her parenting beliefs for her husband.

However, Miley didn’t always think this way. According to a source close to Cyrus and Hemsworth, at the beginning of their relationship, Miley wanted to have children in the future. She simply decided not to rush into it and enjoy her youth. At that time, Cyrus was around 20 years old, and her perspective has since changed.

Miley is not the only celebrity who has chosen not to become a parent. Each childfree individual has their own reasons, for example, Betty White once said that she loves animals more than people.


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