Salma Hayek, 56, Reveals Her “Disgusting” Secret to a Stunning Figure

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Salma first appeared on screen in 1988. For over 35 years, she has been delighting fans and viewers with her vibrant and memorable characters. Her recent swimsuit photo has thrilled fans and proved — the actress is in excellent shape. We decided to find out what tricks the star uses and how she manages to look so stunning.

Her new post took our breath away.

The star shared a series of snaps with her over 24 million Instagram fans showing her emerging from the ocean and into a boat at sunset. In another photo, she is seen dipping her hair in the salty water while looking as glorious as ever.

She captioned the post: ’’Every time I need to feel renewed, I jump into the ocean.’’ And added a Spanish translation of the same sentence as well.

Salma was wearing a 2-piece bright yellow swimsuit that perfectly flaunted her trim waistline, toned arms, and tan body. Fans were quick to praise the 56-year-old and shower her post with more than 2 million likes and over 16k comments.

One person wrote, ’’Looking this young in your 50s should be illegal, like what,’’ while another follower noted, ’’Thought this was a throwback!’’

She has her own secret for washing her face.

The star advises not to wash your face in the morning with special products, but to use only water. Also, the actress shared the recipe for her morning juice on social media. The composition includes citrus fruits, turmeric and a pinch of black ground pepper. Salma also recommends adding sea buckthorn. According to her, this berry helps the skin to produce collagen. After such juice, Hayek feels the strength to eat properly.

Her youth potion.

A few years ago, Salma opened up about drinking a cup a day of bone broth which she says ’’is very good to keep yourself young.’’ And even though Salma admitted that the drink is ’’sort of disgusting,’’ she noted that she loves doing it because of all the benefits it has.

The star explained ’’you take a bunch of bones from a cow, and you slow cook them for many, many hours.’’ She then adds in a tablespoon of apple cider. According to Hayek, the mixture ’’helps to restructure the tissues of your skin, your hair, and your nails.’’

The actress avoids cardio.

The actress revealed that she avoids cardio: “I don’t do cardio. I mean I didn’t do it when I was young, and I’m not going to start jumping now. I know it’s good for you and I should, but I like yoga”. She noted that walking her dogs is her ’’version of exercise.’’

Salma is among those celebrities who consistently make the list of stars that appear to improve with each passing year.


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