Mother-to-Be Made Genius Decision to Make Nesting Party Instead of Baby Shower

7 months ago

Pregnancy can be really tough and tiring, needing a lot of energy. One smart mom-to-be thought of a great idea to make things easier. She decided to have a party that was both a baby shower and a way to ask for help. At the “nesting party”, her friends helped her get ready for the baby’s arrival by setting up the nursery, getting things organized and cleaning the house. They had fun together and made the tough time of pregnancy a bit easier and happier.

Traditional baby shower.

Usually a baby shower is a happy party for a soon-to-be mom and her baby. It’s a time for friends and family to give presents and good wishes. People play games, eat snacks, and have fun together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby. It is typically held 4-6 weeks before the baby’s due date. The baby shower is a cherished tradition that symbolizes the community’s excitement and anticipation for the new addition to the family.

The best gift to a mom-to-be.

A gathering focused on nesting, known as a nesting party, has emerged as the ultimate solution for expectant mothers. It might sound unconventional at first, but how it works is simple — your friends come together, not to shower you with gifts, but to assist in thoroughly cleaning your living space. Consider it a practical twist on the traditional baby shower, prioritizing practical help over material presents.

Nia Lui, a prominent TikToker, recently voiced her disdain for conventional baby showers. She stumbled upon the concept of nesting parties on TikTok and found it a perfect fit for her circumstance. In her own words, she expressed, “I don’t like being the center of attention. I don’t like playing dumb games. I just don’t.”

A great idea for when traditional baby showers aren’t necessary.

Expressing that she already had a lot of baby things, her true desire was for some assistance in managing household tasks. With this in mind, Lui approached her best friend to organize a gathering focused on nesting rather than the conventional baby shower, and her friend readily agreed. Setting the plan in motion, the best friend initiated a group chat, rallying a small yet dedicated group of friends and family to lend a hand in preparing Lui’s living space before the anticipated arrival of her baby girl.

Lui carefully outlined a checklist of tasks she hoped to accomplish, allowing each participant to choose a few responsibilities from the list. In a remarkably efficient 3-hour time span, the women banded together to create a nurturing and welcoming environment, perfectly tailored for the impending arrival of the expectant mother’s bundle of joy.

An easy way to leave a pregnant woman happy.

In Lui’s words, she reflected, “It went wonderfully. We got so much done, and it made me feel so at peace in my own home.” Beyond completing the chores, Lui found the affection and support of her close circle of friends and family. She emphasized that this gesture need not be restricted to expectant mothers alone. Her vision encompassed the normalization of mothers aiding their overwhelmed counterparts, fostering a culture of communal support.

“I think we should start that trend of just like, being a village and being a community,” she advocated.

But nesting parties still get mixed reactions.

The TikTok video got a lot of mixed comments, both from people who disagreed with the idea and others who found it brilliant. One user said, “Nah, my husband can clean the house and cook. My girls and I will be eating fabulous food, drinking champagne, and celebrating me.” While others celebrated the idea by saying, “I refuse to go to baby showers, but I would show up early for a nesting party.”

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for women, both physically and emotionally. It’s a period when they often require extra support and care. While family members play a crucial role in this journey, having friends who are willing to offer assistance and understanding can make a significant difference. When friends are also happy to help, it creates a strong support network that not only eases the burden but also brings more joy and positivity to the entire experience for the expectant mother.


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