My Girlfriend of 6 Years Went to the Club and Refused to Help Me When I Was Seriously Ill

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A couple’s relationship goes through many tests of strength. One of them is the illness of one partner, where support and care are crucial. This young man complained about a situation where his girlfriend ignored his pleas for help when he was seriously ill.

I’m a 22-year-old guy, and my girlfriend and I have been together for five years since high school. I always saw her as my future wife. Last weekend, she went out with her friends to a club for her best friend’s birthday, while I stayed home. Suddenly, I felt excruciating pain in my right testicle, which turned out to be a torsion.

I tried calling her for help, but she ignored my calls and texts. I then texted her that something was wrong, and she could come home immediately. The club she went to is like a 5-minute walk from our apartment. She thought I was joking, that I was trying to ruin their night. She just replied with a “What is it?”.

I again tried to call her, but as expected, she just declined again. I then texted her that I need to go to the hospital now. She texted me that this wasn’t the time to play games, and she then told me that if I texted or called her again, she would block my number. I again tried calling her, but she declined again, and when I tried calling her a second time, I realized she actually blocked me.

It wasn’t until she came home, smelled vomit, and realized I wasn’t there that she understood the severity. I ended up in the hospital, and she stayed with me afterwards, apologizing profusely.

Despite her apologies and care afterwards, I’m deeply hurt by her initial reaction. Ignoring my desperate calls and messages while I was in severe pain felt like a betrayal. It’s not just about the pain; it’s about feeling abandoned when I needed her the most.

I’ve been contemplating breaking up with her, but at the same time, I understand she genuinely thought I was joking. But I never had an issue with her going out in the first place, or have ever pulled pranks on her to come home from a night out. I’m torn between my anger and my feelings for her. I’m not sure how to proceed or if I can trust her again after this incident.

Most people on the Internet agreed that the author’s reaction is understandable and right:

  • My wife calls me 2x, my mom calls me 2x, my brother calls me 2x and the second time that phone lights up, I’m stepping out of whatever, wherever whenever. Someone you love calls you 2x and you put that off then that’s on you. Sleep on the couch all you want as you think that’s your penance but, it’s not. She could just walked round the corner and checked. I’ve booked a flight over 5 states to check on a friend from the military after a midnight phone call for the next flight out of my local airport, when I didn’t have the money. © broke_velvet_clown / Reddit
  • The LEAST she could’ve done was check up on him and make sure he was joking or not. What if this happens again and she just brushes him off? And not only that she BLOCKED HIM? Yeah she deserves to be dumped, maybe get a bit of maturing out of it. © AggressiveBasil2274 / Reddit
  • Homie, unless you have a history of making bogus calls and texts to “ruin her fun” why would she think you were doing that? My wife fell and tore her hamstring when I was two hours away on a site visit for work. When she called I told the customer “gotta go, we’ll pick this up next week. Family emergency.” And they said get going. Luckily her friend came and took her to the hospital and I met them there, but I can’t imagine interrogating her to make sure it was “important”. That feeling in your gut you’re having that she’s not the one, you might want to listen. The five years between seventeen and twenty two is a BIG five years. You’ll change more in those years than any other five years in your life. Who is she at this point? She’s someone that selfishly thought her boyfriend would call and troll her with, “I need to go to the hospital.” when she was having fun. So like I said, unless you have a history of this behavior then this wasn’t a misunderstanding. This is who she is. This is who she’ll continue to be. Think about this. © rrogido / Reddit
  • Not telling you to dump her but DO NOT marry her. 22 is way too young and does not sound like she wants to be a wife anytime soon. © HIdude14 / Reddit
  • Tell her that because of all this and her blocking you that you need a break from her until you decide what you want to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. I personally would have broken up with her when she blocked me. © biteme717 / Reddit
  • It was frustrating reading your story. Is your girlfriend a doctor, paramedic, ambulance driver, 911 dispatcher, or even sober? No? Then call 911 when you’re in excruciating pain. Your poor decision-making nearly cost you a testicle, and that’d be on you. I would be mad at her too, but not enough to end it if it’s otherwise going well, because it seems like an enormous misunderstanding. I’m utterly flabbergasted at your decision-making process and I can imagine the whole situation would be incomprehensible to a 22-year-old. She’s definitely not blameless but at the end of the day, the only person who could’ve helped you with your medical emergency is 911. © kernel_task / Reddit
  • Do you have a history of pranks or getting upset when she goes out without you? It does sound like she thought you were joking but unless she has a valid reason for thinking that you would do something like that then she’s completely out of order. I wouldn’t necessarily break up with her but you do need to properly talk about why she didn’t take you seriously. However if you have acted immaturely in the past like this then it would be a boy crying wolf situation. © whynousernamelef / Reddit

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