My Husband Revealed He’s Attracted to My Daughter, Leading Me to Tough Choice

6 months ago

A Reddit user’s intricate family narrative has elicited a wide range of diverse responses. The story revolves around a woman who found herself in a challenging predicament, requiring her to make a difficult decision between her husband and her daughter. As you delve further into this tale, you’ll discover the array of impassioned reactions it has stirred among users, all stemming from the mother’s choice and the narrative she shared.

A woman turned to the social network in a state of profound desperation.

Shocking many users, a 55-year-old woman shared her story on Reddit. This mother disclosed that she had been married to her current husband for four years, who also served as her daughter’s stepfather.

The daughter, a 23-year-old, had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, a condition stemming from the severe trauma she endured while witnessing the tumultuous relationship between her mother and her previous partner. This had also led to a complex relationship with her peers at school.

When the daughter confided in her mother about being teased by her classmates, the mother felt caught in a dilemma. She believed strongly in the innocence of all children, which left her feeling powerless. She had to convey to her daughter that if she were to retaliate in any way, it would be perceived as an adult harassing a child.

The woman’s relationship with her daughter was already quite intricate.

The woman’s daughter had been attributing blame to her for various family issues. The girl’s depression had led to neglect of her personal hygiene, exacerbating her school-related problems. In response, the mother tried to assist by encouraging her daughter to take showers and even bought her new clothes.

The mother believed that having her daughter live with her while she finished school and found employment could help in healing some of the childhood wounds, especially if the mother and her second husband could demonstrate a healthy relationship. However, the daughter’s relationship with her stepfather deteriorated, as she was introverted, creative, and preferred immersing herself in escapism. She would become irritated when dining alone, and her stepfather’s attempts to sit across from her during meals would lead her to postpone eating so she could have solitude.

One day, the family faced a situation like thunder in the blue sky.

However, the woman’s husband started acting distant from her, and her daughter complained that his eyes lingered for too long. She got furious, and there was a lot of shouting and door-slamming. Then, the woman writes, “Finally, my husband admitted he’s attracted to her, and it’s hard to be around her all day. She said she was walking temptation, and that’s why he was avoiding any relationship with me.”

The woman was so upset to hear this. She says, “I don’t blame my daughter for this, but the situation has become unbearable at the same time. Something would have to give, and I couldn’t collect my thoughts with both of them still being in the house.”

In response to the challenging circumstances, the woman made a difficult decision. She provided her daughter with money to stay at an extended-stay hotel and urged her to make use of the college’s emergency financial and housing assistance for students facing hardship.

The mother emphasized that her actions were not indicative of abandonment but rather a need for some space and time to contemplate the situation. She expressed her desire to remain at home to address the issues within her marriage, which required her attention, without making a hasty decision regarding its future.

Indeed, relationships between stepparents and stepchildren can often be complex and strained. It’s worth noting that many celebrities have shown a willingness to assume the responsibility of caring for other people’s children, proving to be exceptional adoptive parents and demonstrating that love and care can transcend biological ties.


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