Groom Mocked Bride In Front of Everyone on Wedding and She Ended Marriage the Very Next Day

5 months ago

Getting married is a big deal, and it’s natural for the bride to feel nervous. Recently, there was a story in the media about a bride who ran away from her own wedding and filed for divorce the next day. One of the reasons behind it was that the groom didn’t support her when she asked him and made an inappropriate joke.

The girl shared online that she had been in a relationship with her now-ex-husband for three years before joyfully accepting his marriage proposal. Nothing hinted at what transpired during the wedding ceremony. He had not displayed selfish behavior before, and even if there were occasional instances of immaturity, they were rare within the context of their relationship.

The couple began preparing for their wedding, during which time viral videos of grooms playfully smashing cakes onto brides’ faces gained popularity online. The future husband found these videos amusing, but the bride, aware of a past incident at her 17th birthday party, where a similar prank had gone awry, explicitly requested him not to replicate it at their wedding. She shared the serious consequences of such an act, as her mother’s attempt at a similar prank had left her face scratched and the celebration ruined. The bride emphasized that if he proceeded with such a prank, she would leave him. Despite her earnest plea, the groom laughed it off but assured her he would refrain from any such actions.

On the wedding day, the bride was elated, adorned in a perfect outfit, and the ceremony, for which a substantial sum had been spent, unfolded beautifully. However, when the moment arrived to cut the cake, the newly married husband unexpectedly grabbed a sizable piece and hurled it directly into the bride’s face. Shocked by the groom’s thoughtless prank, she went numb, while he laughed and remarked, “You should have seen your face!” The attendees, rather than expressing concern, joined in the amusement.

In response, she abruptly left, and despite attempts by guests and the groom to intervene, she hailed a taxi to their shared residence to gather her belongings. Her phone incessantly rang with calls and messages, all urging her to return to the event and apologize for her actions.

Subsequently, following the unfolding events, they engaged in a conversation with her husband. He expressed regret for the incident but maintained that she had overreacted emotionally. He explained that he intended the act as a joke, believing she would find it amusing. In response, she insisted that he should apologize for the emotional distress he caused. However, he countered, stating he didn’t comprehend why an apology was necessary, asserting that her failure to appreciate the humor was the issue.

The bride shared: “This was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives and he embarrassed me in front of everyone for some prank that he knew I hated. Not only that, he ruined a $500 cake. He ruined my makeup, my hair and the top of my dress. The cake got all over.”

Online users sided with the bride, emphasizing that this situation was a red flag and future relationships could go badly.

  • You have time to get this marriage annulled, and you should think very seriously about doing just that! If he does not respect you on your wedding day as a person to be cherished and admired for your beauty and as his wife, when will he? Cake smashing at wedding receptions is a bad omen of things to come. It is just not going to get better, that is a fact. © Didgeterdone / Reddit
  • I absolutely detest people like your husband and mother. Pranks are not funny if there’s even one person who isn’t laughing, and you made it abundantly clear that you wouldn’t find this funny. Yet, they can’t bring themselves to have one bit of empathy for someone they say they love. © Choice_Bid_7941 / Reddit
  • It’s not so much that stunts like this are annulment worthy. It’s that it shows a basic lack of respect for her and her boundaries. It’s a symptom of a much larger problem. But I agree, any partnership where something like this happens needs to end. There are no good, kind, compassionate men who only do this one thing. © Hippy_Lynne / Reddit

Marriage is not just about the fancy ceremony, it’s about being there for each other. The key takeaway here is that emotional support and communication are crucial in a relationship. Couples need to be there for each other, especially during significant moments like a wedding, to build a strong foundation for their marriage.

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