“Name the Child After You,” 33-Year-Old Woman Provoked a Heated Argument

7 months ago

The eloquent advocacy of Dr. Charlotte Proudman has sparked a fervent discourse, as she champions a paradigm-shifting alteration in the long-standing practice of inheriting surnames. Her viral tweet has swiftly propagated, bearing a persuasive entreaty to all prospective mothers: “Name the baby after you”.

Recently, a 33-year-old barrister hailing from London took the internet by storm. Dr. Charlotte Proudman tweeted her belief that all children need to carry their mom’s surname, not the father’s. “You carried a baby for 9 months, gave birth, and will be responsible for that child for the rest of your life,” she said.

She also entered a heated debate with Dr Tru Powell. While Tru, an enterprising individual hailing from Birmingham raised an inquiry about the notable absence of discussions concerning the subject. He held the viewpoint that a few women might be endeavoring to transform the act of naming babies into a form of dictatorship.

Charlotte’s tweet has already gained 5 million views and the post on her Instagram has also got a lot of comments.

Some followers shared their own stories and showed support:

  • Both my partner and I changed our names to our mothers maiden names in our early twenties (we don’t have relationships with our dad’s, so we relate more to our mothers names) and our daughter has those names double barrelled. An ode to our mums and family. emilycursley / Instagram

Some people showed sarcasm:

While some showed a real disagreement with this position:

  • How to say " I hate men" without saying “I hate men” You dishonor your husband by NOT giving them his name. Butch1968 / Twitter

Every parent has a right to choose a suitable decision for their own family. Will it be parenthood or housekeeping, or your style of living. No matter what the other’s opinion may be, even sometimes people can call your choice “crazy”.

Preview photo credit Good Morning Britain / You Tube


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