Natalie Portman and Her Husband Are Parting Ways After 11 Years of Marriage, and the Reason Is Truly Devastating

9 months ago

Natalie Portman, 42, and her spouse, Benjamin Millepied, 46, have chosen to end their marriage after over ten years together, as confirmed by a trusted insider. The pair, who are parents to two children, has been facing significant challenges in recent months. However, the reported announcement of their separation took many by surprise.

The inception of their relationship resembled a fairy tale.


Portman and Millepied’s initial encounter took place in 2009 during the production of the film Black Swan, in which Portman held the leading role while Millepied served as a choreographer on the set.

Reflecting on the early days of their relationship, Portman shared, “I met my husband on it, so I think I was in, like, dreamland.” She continued, “He was teaching me to dance. [...] It was like I really got to know him, and that was when it seemed like, ‘Oh, this is the person.’”

A telling sign.

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The pair, blessed with two children, a 12-year-old son named Aleph and a 6-year-old daughter named Amalia, exchanged marital vows in August 2012.

Despite their reputation as one of Hollywood’s most private and influential couples, rumors regarding their separation began to circulate around the time of their 11th wedding anniversary. Speculation grew when Portman was spotted without her wedding ring at an event in Sydney, Australia, creating a noticeable buzz.

It all started with an affair.


In June, there were claims that Millepied was purportedly involved in a romantic relationship with a 25-year-old climate activist named Camille Étienne. However, during that time, sources indicated that the actress had chosen to maintain her commitment to their marriage despite the alleged affair.

According to the source, ’’Natalie believes Benjamin’s affair was a brief and stupid liaison that means nothing to him.’’ The source continued, revealing that the actress was ’’willing to see if she’s capable of rebuilding her trust’’ in her husband in order to make sure that her two children don’t ’’grow up in a broken home.’’

AP/Associated Press/East News, AP/Associated Press/East News

However hard they worked to mend the rift, the impact of the affair took its toll on their relationship, and it’s now believed that they have decided to end their union. An insider disclosed, ’’After news of his affair came out, they’ve been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs.’’

Separation is a challenging journey, and our thoughts go out to Natalie and Benjamin as they navigate this difficult time. Another adored couple, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, have also surprised the world with their recent separation, and the reason behind it is equally heart-wrenching.

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