Paris Hilton Share Cute Video With Her Baby Girl, but Fans Were Quick to Spot a Concerning Detail

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Paris Hilton is quite accustomed to grabbing attention in the media. Whether it’s her unforgettable reality TV appearances or her successful business endeavors, she has a knack for captivating her audience. Most recently, the heiress delighted her followers on Instagram with a humorous video featuring her 5-month-old daughter, London. However, this charming moment also sparked concern among her fans.

On Instagram, Paris Hilton shared a fun video where she playfully teased her daughter about her “pale” complexion following Hilton’s own spray tan session. With her trademark humor, Hilton recounted her exchange with the spray tan technician, who assumed she wanted her usual deep tan without realizing it didn’t match her daughter’s natural skin tone.

With a chuckle, Hilton quipped, “You’ve never been in the sun, and I can’t spray tan you!” This playful interaction highlighted Hilton’s witty maternal side, ending with a reassuring “Just kidding!” to let her followers know it was all in jest.

The seemingly innocuous video stirred up a wave of concerning comments, with individuals expressing worry about the baby’s lack of exposure to sunlight. “That baby needs sun” and “I wonder if she actually has never been in the sun... That can’t be healthy?” were among the remarks found beneath Hilton’s post.

Nonetheless, medical professionals emphasize the importance of shielding babies under six months old from direct sunlight. During this delicate stage of development, their skin possesses minimal melanin, the pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye coloration, as well as providing some protection against harmful UV rays. Without sufficient melanin, infants are especially susceptible to sunburn and potential skin damage, underscoring the necessity of ensuring they remain shaded and protected while outdoors.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the initial instance where endearing footage of Paris Hilton’s baby, along with displaying emotions, has raised concern among the star’s fans. Last year, Paris gave fans a glimpse of her nine-month-old baby boy by sharing a series of photos. The post garnered a flood of comments, with many fans swooning over Phoenix’s undeniable cuteness.

However, some fans also expressed concerns about the baby’s well-being. One person commented, “He really does look like he has macrocephaly! My boys all had big heads, but his is much larger. And yes I’m a nurse.” Another individual urged, “You need to have your baby evaluated by a pediatric neurosurgeon.”

And shortly before that, Prince Louis celebrated his sixth birthday on April 23, captivating everyone with his adorable mannerisms. Across social media, adoration poured in for the young prince, enchanted by his delightful smile and vibrant energy. Yet, amidst the outpouring of love, a few keen-eyed observers couldn’t help but notice a particular detail.

Preview photo credit parishilton / Instagram


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