Prince Louis Marks His 6th Birthday, but People Expressed Their Concerns Over One Detail

2 weeks ago

Prince Louis celebrated his sixth birthday on April 23, captivating hearts with his endearing gestures. Social media overflowed with affection for the young royal, enamored by his charming smile and lively spirit. Nevertheless, a few observers couldn’t overlook a certain detail.

The Prince and Princess of Wales shared a new portrait of Louis.

The British royal family marked a joyful occasion as Prince Louis reached his sixth birthday on April 23. Kate Middleton and Prince William, ever the devoted parents, honored their youngest child’s special day with a heartfelt gesture.

Following tradition, a fresh portrait of Prince Louis was revealed, skillfully captured by his talented mother, Kate, in Windsor just days before. The jubilant snapshot was accompanied by a simple yet affectionate message from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: “Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis! Thank you for all the kind wishes today.” They echoed the sentiment on their shared Instagram account, where they showcased the portrait for all to enjoy.

While the details of Louis’ birthday celebrations remain undisclosed, it’s evident that this milestone carries significant meaning for the royal family. Against the backdrop of recent challenges, Louis’ birthday provides a welcomed opportunity for joy and celebration.

In contrast to Kate’s recent posts featuring their children amid her disclosure of her cancer battle, this photo remained unedited. This choice was a sincere and compassionate gesture, intending to prevent any misinterpretation and solely commemorate their son’s birthday without distraction or speculation.

Royal family enthusiasts expressed concerns that there might not be a post this year.

As Prince Louis’s birthday approached this year, royal fans were brimming with anticipation tinged with a hint of concern. Given the ongoing challenges confronting the royal family and the absence of public events for various reasons, uncertainty loomed over whether there would be a customary birthday post for the young prince.

However, a day later than usual, the royal couple eventually unveiled the eagerly awaited picture of Louis. Their decision to share the image was a gesture of appreciation toward those who had extended well-wishes to their son on his birthday.

One person on X shared a GIF of Daffy Duck with an anxious expression, nervously patting his cheeks to convey their anticipation for Prince Louis’s birthday pictures. Alongside the GIF, the X user wrote, “We right now... waiting for Prince Louis birthday pictures.”

Another person expressed hope that recent controversies wouldn’t dissuade Prince William and Kate Middleton from releasing a birthday photo for Prince Louis’s sixth birthday. “I hope the Prince and Princess of Wales don’t allow the Mother’s Day picture controversy to discourage them from releasing a birthday photo for Prince Louis’s sixth birthday.”

Someone else wrote: “Disappointed we did not get a new photo of Prince Louis for his 6th birthday. Was looking forward to it.”

A royal family tradition

Previously, the Prince and Princess of Wales consistently posted birthday greetings for Prince Louis until his fifth birthday. Typically, these posts featured adorable photos of him accompanied by brief, affectionate messages such as “A very happy birthday to Prince Louis.”

In terms of commemorating their children’s birthdays, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prefer a personal touch. Kate Middleton has expressed her fondness for baking the birthday cakes herself, remarking, “I love making the cake. It’s become a bit of a tradition. I love it.”

As a reminder, earlier, the Princess of Wales revealed that she has cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.


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