People Are Worried Kate Middleton’s New Photo Is a Fake and the Palace Is Hiding the Ugly Truth

4 months ago

Rumors about Kate Middleton’s condition are spreading like wildfire. Recently, paparazzi captured the princess in a car, but immediately people started saying that the woman doesn’t look like herself. In response, the palace released an official photo of Kate with the children. However, suspicions arose that the photo might be edited in Photoshop or even generated by AI, fueling speculation that Kate is being kept away from the public eye.


The Princess of Wales wore black sunglasses while her mother, who was driving the car. She looked relaxed as she gazed straight ahead. Although it’s not clear where they were headed, it appeared to be just the mother and daughter in the car.

Kate hasn’t been seen in public since December 25, 2023, when she, Prince William, and their three kids all wore blue for a Christmas morning event at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Norfolk, England.

The internet was flooded with comments when the first photo of Kate appeared. And while many fans were content to see their beloved Royal, many others found it hard to believe that it was actually her and noted that her face looked different.

For example, one person commented, «It’s not her. Her face is too round,» while another wrote, «That doesn’t look like Kate.»

In response to speculation surrounding a paparazzi photo, the palace took a decisive step: the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales posted the first photo of Kate with the children, accompanied by a caption: «Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months.»

This picture was supposed to put an end to discussions about Kate’s well-being and appearance, but it only made things worse. People are convinced that the photo has been edited in Photoshop, and that Kate is still being kept away from the public.

Here are some of the comments:

  • Catherine’s right hand around Louis is entirely blurry but the left hand around Charlotte, at the same distance to the camera, is not, and either is Louis’ jumper around the hand blurry. Also, Charlotte’s dress, which is clothing her torso behind her arm, impedes on the sleeve at the wrist. The cardigan sleeve shows the dress in front of it, when it should only be behind. And Louis’ middle finger must be awfully long to be entirely wrapped around the next finger without being able to see the finger nail. It’s also blurry. I’m a keen photographer, and those are not true elements of a photo as taken. © jacqueline.crompton / Instagram
  • I think you need to remove this and tell the people where Kate is! © the_sussex_legacy_vault_ / Instagram
  • It’s not photoshopped or manipulated. It’s an AI image, completely made up. I hope she’s fine, but it’s weird to do a fake photo. © kaara_adele / Instagram
  • The question is: Where is Kate? © cleberguedesfotografia / Instagram

Others noticed the absence of the wedding ring, «Where’s her wedding ring? William hasn’t been wearing his, either.» Due to the uproar, leading media agencies removed this photo from their servers. Meanwhile, we anxiously await Kate’s return and wish her a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, the situation is further complicated by King Charles’ illness. According to rumors, Prince William and Kate may soon assume royal duties.


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