Plus-Size Travel Influencer Urges Airlines to Accommodate Larger Passengers

4 weeks ago

Emily Jones, a well-known plus-size travel influencer, is urging airlines and hotels to implement changes to better cater to curvier passengers. Jones, who often travels between Malta, the UK, and Helsinki, has offered her perspectives on how the travel sector can foster inclusivity, aiming for a comfortable journey for all travelers, irrespective of size.

Advocating for inclusivity in the travel industry

Emily Jones’s advocacy is a crucial component of a larger movement toward inclusivity within the travel industry. Through her Instagram account, @miss__jones, she chronicles her journeys and inspires individuals of all body types to venture out and explore the globe. “I want to promote easy travel for people of all sizes and shapes — and make them feel they deserve to see the world just like other people,” she expressed. Her vision encompasses a travel media that accurately portrays diverse body types, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all travelers.

Making boarding easier

Jones proposes a pivotal adjustment for airlines: announcing the availability of seatbelt extensions during the boarding phase. In an interview, she disclosed that based on her own encounters and the messages she receives online, requesting a seatbelt extension is a significant source of apprehension for plus-size individuals. She envisions a destigmatization of this process, allowing people to travel with comfort and without the burden of added anxiety. For Jones, witnessing this normalization would represent a significant step forward.

Comfortable in-flight experience

Jones also highlighted the general discomfort of flight seats for larger passengers. She believes that more spacious seating options should be made available, or at the very least, airlines should provide additional cushioning and adjustable armrests. This would ensure that all passengers can enjoy a more comfortable journey, regardless of their body size.

Hotel accommodations

Jones has highlighted the necessity for improved accommodations in hotels beyond air travel. She recommends that hotel groups provide larger towels and plus-sized bathrobes. Implementing these straightforward adjustments can have a notable impact, ensuring that plus-size guests feel embraced and at ease throughout their stay.

Positive travel destinations

While recognizing the hurdles encountered by plus-size travelers, Jones also reflects on positive experiences. She highlights Seychelles in Africa as one of the most inclusive destinations she has visited, offering a warm and embracing environment for plus-size tourists.

Influencers like Emily Jones play a pivotal role in catalyzing change within the travel industry. Through sharing their insights and personal experiences, they bring attention to the frequently neglected requirements of plus-size travelers, advocating for a more inclusive and accommodating approach. As the industry heeds these voices and adjusts accordingly, it can guarantee that all travelers, irrespective of size, feel embraced and at ease as they embark on their adventures around the globe.


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