Priyanka Chopra Claims Egg Freezing Was Very Painful and Stressful, but It Gave Her “Such Freedom”

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At the age of 41, Priyanka Chopra is a devoted mother to her daughter, Malti Marie Jonas. Despite her busy work schedule, she places a high value on dedicating quality time to Malti Marie. In a recent post, Priyanka candidly discussed her aspiration for parenthood, disclosing that she took the proactive step of freezing her eggs in her early thirties to turn that dream into a tangible reality. Nevertheless, the journey was not without its hurdles.

The experience was marked by significant pain and stress.

Priyanka Chopra openly discussed the demanding procedure of freezing her eggs during an episode of the UnWrapped Podcast. The Citadel actor disclosed, “When I was in my early 30s, I decided to do it. I was filming Quantico at that time. It is painful, you have to give yourself injections over a month.”

She revealed the challenges of experiencing hormonal fluctuations, describing feelings of insanity and bloating during the process.

Despite the challenges, Priyanka remained determined in her choice. “I was filming at that time, but I just wanted to do it for myself,” she clarified. Given the expense involved, she had to set aside savings for the procedure.

The actress cautioned that it’s not a straightforward process. Yet, she strongly advocates for it, especially for working women, single individuals, or those who have a desire for children but may be uncertain about the timing.

Priyanka’s mother supported her.

Priyanka delved deeper into her decision to freeze her eggs, addressing the concept of the biological clock, which acts as an internal timer dictating the optimal time for childbirth. Priyanka’s motivation stemmed from a desire to preserve the option of having children later in life, even if she wasn’t presently prepared for parenthood.

In discussing her intentions with her mother, Madhu Chopra, a knowledgeable figure in maternal and infant care due to her medical background, Priyanka expressed uncertainty about the timing of marriage and starting a family. Wanting to be proactive and prepared for the future, Priyanka likened the decision to leaving a lasting piece of herself in the world, ensuring a connection to the future even beyond her own presence.

Freezing her eggs relieved Priyanka of the anxiety about running out of time to have children.

Priyanka also turned to a close friend who had gone through the egg-freezing process herself. Her friend reassured her, saying it was one of the smartest decisions she had ever made.

Reflecting on her own journey, Priyanka shared that freezing her eggs in her early thirties brought her a sense of freedom. She explained that it allowed her to focus on her career ambitions and pursue her goals without the pressure of starting a family before she was ready.

Nick Jonas endorsed the decision to have children through surrogacy.

In her personal life, Priyanka Chopra is happily married to American singer Nick Jonas. The couple celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Malti Marie, in January 2022 through surrogacy. Embracing parenthood with joy and love, they cherish every moment with their precious little one.

Acknowledging that a pregnancy at 39 posed challenges, the couple revealed that their busy schedules played a significant role in their decision to choose surrogacy.

Today, individuals have various options to build their families. Traditional childbirth, assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or surrogacy, and alternatives such as adoption and fostering provide diverse paths to parenthood. With this array of choices, people can discover the ideal route that aligns with their unique situations and aspirations.


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